Beckford will stay at Leeds until summer

Transfers – What Transfers?  That could have been a headline as well. The last thing is that striker Jermaine Beckford has decided to withdraw his transfer request. He will stay at Leeds until summer – probably with a larger paycheck every month – and everybody will be happy. Maybe with the exception of some people in Newcastle. But who cares about that?

I was not one of the few Wolves supporters who have set my hopes to a descent League One striker to be a sensational goalscorer for Wolves in the Premier League. And I am very glad that the Wolves leadership now is prevented for doing a mistake by hiring him.

The Hunt drama seem to have gone lame as well. Even the Express & Star seem to be out of new headlines about Stephen Hunt and Wolves.

The only rumour that seem to still be alive and well is the Adam Johnson rumour. And to be one of the clubs chasing him – even if it only is a rumour – is an honour for Wolves. Being the lamest Transfer Window in years the Credit Crunch seem to finally have hit football with full force as have the Big Freeze this month. Or maybe the Big Freeze has prevented the window to be opened? 😆

Even big clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United refuses to spend more than a little pocket money on the side. So maybe we shouldn’t expect anything to happen.

But I feel sorry for all of the rags loosing readers at this time of year. Wolves could save their day with some juicy news about Johnson and Hunt. C’mon!  Don’t give up! A new week and new rumours will appear for sure.



~ by paddytheflea on January 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Beckford will stay at Leeds until summer”

  1. Well, there’s hope. When we’ve made a 6.5 mill bid for Johnson, I’m certain we’ll raise our bid for Hunt if we not sign Johnson.

  2. Johnson will probably go the same way as Beckford and wait until summer. It hat happens we could maybe raise our bid for Hunt, yes, but not to anywhere near £7m. Maybe 4?!

  3. i believe if and when we get promoted, we should give beckford a good contract and tie him to the club. a player like him is priceless to leeds. his goals are the reason were top of the league.i think deep down, he would rather stay at leeds. sort it out mr bates.

  4. any one know about the two french players is there any intrest still in them at all or have they gone lame as well due to the big freeze!

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