Player Ratings: Wolves vs Wigan

It is a gloomy evening. And I’m not talking about the rain or the darkness. I’m talking about the loss against Wigan – a team I thought we had all chances to pick up a win against.

And we really had that. Until the fatal decisive moment of the match when the referee caught Stearman feeling the quality of an opponents shirt in the penalty area. And I do think it was as stupid as everybody else. And this will – of course – show in the ratings I will give to Stearman. But we start a little brighter:

Hahnemann – 9 – Did everything fantastically well. Wolves could have been at least two down already before the Stearman incident and the penalty save was world class.

His kick-outs are very good as well. He found Doyle on nine occasions (!)
Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match.

Stearman – 3 – Actually he didn’t accomplish much before he was sent off, but he probably would have got a five if he had not. Not mature enough for the Premier League and I think Zubar is a much better player.

Craddock – 5 – Did a horrible pass back to Hahnemann early on that could have resulted in a goal in the back after ten minutes. Does not seem secure at all together with Mancienne. But was good going forward when Wolves were chasing a goal or two. But with Mancienne he seem to become a security risk. I want Berra back!

Mancienne – 6 – Fighted hard but seemed to be alone with both Rodallega and N’Zogbia on numerous occasions. Where were Craddock, Ward and Stearman?

Ward – 6 – Was responsible for at least one of the goals in the back. He goes forward to much without backing. But had some success going forward.

Foley – 6 –  Created three attacks, but he is not a winger. Probably the best we’ve got for the position right now, anyway. And he fights back very good, of course.

Henry – 5 –  Not at his best, but his passing is good as usual. But he is too slow. If the midfield could turn the play faster Wolves would have much more chances to score, I think. I want more balls in the deep to players in front of Henry. Only two passes each to SEB and Doyle, but 12 to Foley and four to Ward. Is he the right man to be the conductor of Wolves play? Could the team do better with another, stronger player on the midfield as the spider in the web? I have asked myself this many times this season – and the last.

Milijas – 6 – He found SEB with one of his deep passes again. With a better striker we may very well have scored on that and won the match. Had three scoring attempts himself and should have scored at least on one of them.

Jarvis – 5 – Did not do good the half of the match he played, but I think it was wrong to pick him to leave after the Stearman debacle. A striker – probably SEB – should have left the pitch and save some creativity on the midfield to create chances.

Ebanks-Blake – 4 – Missed a sitter and looks miles away from scoring at the moment. The defences in PL does not go for his tricks. I’m sorry, SEB, but you are not Prem material.

Doyle – 6 – Looks good and works hard, but nothing gets done. Looks to easy for defences to handle somehow. And the cooperation with SEB doesn’t work.

Jones – 7 – A very good substitute performance in the second half!  David had a better passing accuracy than Henry (90% to 87%) and worked real hard all over the pitch. It’s not easy to come in after being away injured against a team that have one more player on the pitch and are good at passing the ball around. Should he be tried instead of Henry in the future?

Iwelumo played to short time to be rated, but let me tell you that he had three scoring attempts himself and created one to others in the 22 minutes he was on. Maybe he should play beside Doyle from start?!


~ by paddytheflea on January 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Wigan”

  1. Sack Mick! I hate to say it, but it’s the only answer if we want to stay up. Mick, and the board have not delivered.

  2. no no no… our squad is too small. First of all we only have one wing. Secondly, our top goal scorer doesn’t score any more…
    He has had his chances, but has been very “unlucky”. Give him more time… as long as he continues to create chances he will score, but it’s just isn’t his time right now. I support Micks rotation policy. Playing many players makes us less vulnerable to some players performing below expected performance, the only problem are our injuries and a small squad. Get in the wingers from France, Andy Johnson and Beckford, and we’ll do alright.

  3. Who do you want to get on board if you could choose between Adam Johnson and Hunt?

  4. Hunt, for sure!
    He can produce results NOW.
    Adam Johnson produces goals in the Championships but has really not showed that he can do that on a regular basis in the Premier League.

  5. Having watched the game yesterday, the point you make about Henry is the key one for me. It seems that the players have had drilled into them the mantra, “don’t give the ball away” (even if some struggle with this!) and it is this mindset which appears to dominate all other strategies and has blunted our attacking play from last season. Being in the Premiership inevitably requires a shift in perspective, but the team looks so risk averse at times that they seem to have collectively forgotten how to fashion chances and to really attack the goal. Our players are certainly no worse than some of our relegation rivals in terms of their attacking credentials, but believe we need to bring in players like Hunt, Johnson, or may be even Soumah, to help foster and kick-start more creative and attack-minded play across the whole team.

  6. Gotta keep SEB in for me, he is good enough. That miss was purely confidence, and he would have finished that last seaosn whoever he was playing against.

  7. Louie – agree with you – SEB will come good.

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