Will Ward and Stears ever learn? And will McCarthy?

In the last we have seen first Stephen Ward getting his second yellow while bringing down an opponent and latest Stearman doing the same thing on the other side getting sent off. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Ward said this to the official Wolves site after his incident:

I hardly touched him (Lucas) and, in my opinion, he went down fairly easily.

Even so, I would have accepted him (the referee) giving the foul but it was nowhere near another yellow card.

I was gutted because not only did I think that it was a very harsh decision, I felt that I’d let the boys down as well.(…) I suppose that I just have to learn from the experience and be a little bit cuter next time.

Manager McCarthy after the incident to the Wolves Official site:

I’m not convinced by the second booking to be honest. We were masters of our own downfall because we gave the ball away and ended up chasing back towards our goal but I’m not sure how much contact there was between Stephen Ward and Lucas. I’ve watched it again and I’m not sure there was contact, I think their player was struggling to get there.

Richard Stearman after his incident to WoW:

I think I was harshly punished to be sent off but that’s football. I’ve got to hold my hands up really and at the end of the day I’ve cost us. It’s a bad one for me personally and I’ve let the team down there. I’ve got to get my head down, prevent it happening again and pay the boys back.

It’s not something you think about doing or want to go and do – it’s not like I’ve done anything malicious. I’ve tried to feel where my man is and he’s gone down a little bit easily and with the ball going out of play the referee has not only given a penalty but given me a second booking. I don’t think he remembered he’d already booked me previously but once he’d got the yellow out he had to get the red out as well.

Manager Mick McCarthy about the Stearman incident:

I did it as a young player, although I never pulled anyone down in the box, but I made mistakes, probably through inexperience, or being daft, impetuous or whatever. Stears is young too but if you don’t learn and you keep making mistakes like that, then it becomes a very expensive, long, hard career. You get punished for it.

I’ll be speaking to Richard – I’ll deal with it, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. We’ll sort it out. He won’t want to do it again, will he? He doesn’t want to get sent off. He made a mistake and he won’t want to repeat it, that’s for sure – none of us do when we make mistakes. It’s about educating yourself and you learn from them.” It’s one of those things.

One of those things, yes. But a very important thing. And as both our full backs (or are they wingbacks?) are saying they didn’t really think they did that much and they both thought that the referee decision was a bit harsh.

Well. Welcome to the real world! I think that’s the first lesson to draw from this. Watch out when you lay your hand on an opposing player anywhere near the penalty area in the Premier League. He could fall down like he was hit with an axe or by lightning. And the referee more often than not cannot accurately judge how hard the touch is. He’ll judge that on the reaction by the player going down.

There could be a second lesson on this. Stearman and Ward are not native full backs. And they sometimes are very high up the pitch and don’t find the time to come back. Both these incidents shows that. They act more as wingbacks than fullbacks and plays one-two with the wingers. Several counter attacks have been launched with our full backs still at the wrong side of the half way line. This is a lesson for our manager. Sort it out, McCarthy!

Both Stearman and Ward have been outplayed by wingers in opposing teams. I think we need to pull back Foley to his proper position on the right back and test Zubar on the left. Or at least give Ward instructions about not to go to high up on the wing. Or if he does, someone else have to cover for him on the left back,



~ by paddytheflea on January 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “Will Ward and Stears ever learn? And will McCarthy?”

  1. I think you are quite right in what you are saying, but I think that Mick is a really smart manager and knows how to deal with these things.

  2. Rage amongst a lot of us fans is as high as its ever been and with Mick and co playing down our situation you get the idea they havent a clue how to rectify it. he is still playing players all over the field… clueless about substitutions and every intention on persisitng with players who arent up to it. Damn championship manager with a championship team. No one genuinely expected us to be mid table, but we were told we would get prem players and give it a real go, we certainly didnt expect to be thumped at home by Birmingham, Pompey, Wigan… Stearmans sending off had nothing to do with headless ensemble we witnessed for 90mins. Absolutely bloody livid.

  3. yes, Ward is a hard tackling player, but he is to slow, and when he is out paced he turns to foul play. I would rather see him as a striker. I’ve read that Zubar can play in midfield too, and wonder if he can be a better alternative on the right wing than Foley, because he’s really been outstanding in some games forward. He isn’t very technically skilled though.

  4. Good point mate. Allways enjoy reading your blog. Keep it coming!

  5. Some nonsense here chaps – keep it real! Zubar in midfield ?? He’s a centre-half that can do a half-decent job at right back. (Just like Stearman). We need to start playing our players in the position that they are best in – simples!! That menas Foley should be right back and I have to say that Ward is our best left-back. And – the full backs have to attack – all the best teams have fullbacks high up the pitch – just look at Evra or Cole or Sagna – what we need though is wide midfielders who tuck in behind when they overlap – it ain’t rocket science. Cloughie once said “football is a simple game, complicated by coaches”. Here#s our best team right now:- Hanamahnn, Foley, Zubar, Berra, Ward, Jarvis, Henry, Jones, Surman, Iwelumo, Doyle. Forgive me for dropping Milijas, but he’s a luxury we can’t afford at the moment – Jonah’s got just as sweet a left foot, but he works harder and deserves his chance to show what he can do. Square pegs in square holes please !!!!!

  6. But the way McCarthy celebrated after winning the penalty and getting Stearment send-off really made me sick – surely the FA should look into that – but they won’t!

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