Kevin Davies on Mark Davies (injured): He was having a massive influence on the game

Mark Davies – Wolves born and bread starlet had a fantastic game against Arsenal for his club Bolton yesterday. But he was horribly cut down by Gallas when trying to defend. But play continued with Cesc Fabregas capitalising on the numerical superiority. Arsenal equalised and could go on to win the game.

The FA will not review the incident as referee Alan Wiley viewed the challenge as two players coming together, and so allowed play to continue. As such, no separate disciplinary proceedings can be implemented, as the FA do not re-officiate matches.

The new Bolton boss Coyle was very upset after the game

The second goal was the big turning point. Clearly it was a foul, and closer to a red card. It was akin to assault and it changed the game.”

“However, the fact is the referee has not seen it, and the lad is prostrate on the ground, and Arsenal being full of fair play as we keep hearing, have carried on scored an equaliser.”

“That is hard to take. I don’t want to sit here and make excuses, but I have seen red cards for less.

Kevin Davies, striker ace and captain of Bolton, about his namesake to the Bolton Official site.

Mark played really well for us and was having a massive influence on the game. He is probably our best player on the ball and they had struggled to handle him in the first-half.”

“He was causing them plenty of problems and the fact that he was getting fouled quite a lot showed just how much possession he had in central midfield.

I am sorry for Mark Davies. Although he is not a Wolves player anymore i wish him all the best in his career. I thought then and I still think that Wolves did not do enough to make him stay with us.

Mark Davies is going through an X-ray today to assess the damage to his foot, but I really hope that he will be O.K. soon.

I saw the game on TV and I think he was one of the best on the pitch before he was cut down.

And of course it was a foul. Horrible decision by a good placed referee.



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3 Responses to “Kevin Davies on Mark Davies (injured): He was having a massive influence on the game”

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  2. im a bolton fan and i was there at the match, i was horrified because mark is my fave player. this made me angry and i knew we wern’t gonna win after this assault. i am so glad he played on saturday against liverpool but am still very angry that gallas didn’t get out done to him. i am glad that he is fit again and maybe able to play against fulham on saturday.

    • He played very well, but not so good against Liverpool, I believe. But you have something fantastic there for the future, COLE. I wish that our management had treated him better. I didn’t think that they gave him a chance when he was ready at the second half of last season.

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