McCarthy about Warnock of Crystal Palace: Warnie gets the best out of his team

Mick McCarthy today talked about his opposite number at Crystal Palace, manager Neil Warnock ahead of the clash in the Cup on Saturday to the Official site:

I know Neil very well – I played with him at Barnsley. He’s a friend of mine. He polarises opinion – some managers have more to say than others and maybe their opinions are a bit more extreme than others. But I played with ‘Warnie’ as a young apprentice at Barnsley and I get on great with him. He’s alright.

I have no worries about him shouting the odds at all – I’m hardly Mr Calm personified myself on the touchline! He won’t try to upset me because we’re mates. Warnie does what he does but he gets the best out of his team.”

“If people want to see the other side of him where he rubs people up the wrong way then I can’t do anything about that. But I don’t see him that way at all – I’ve known him a long, long time and I get on very well with him.

What I do know is he’s got a very good record as a manager. He’s managed a lot of games and whatever teams turns up here will be right bang at it on Saturday. Getting Crystal Palace with Warnie in charge is a proper Cup tie because he’ll have them fired up.”

Mick McCarthy also says that he will field the strongest team against Crystal Palace, but as we all know by now Mick’s view about what Wolves strongest team is does not have to correspond with what everybody else thinks. I think that players like Surman, Hennessey and Jones will play from start on Saturday, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Wolves have an important match against Liverpool on Tuesday in the League, so he can’t use the same players in both matches.



~ by paddytheflea on January 21, 2010.

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