McCarthy has a very strong belief in Mujangi’s capacity

McCarthy seem to think that the new midfield signing of the twenty-year-old Belgian international Geoffrey Mujangi Bia can turn Wolves season around. He is quoted in TeamTalk saying:

Geoffrey will go straight into my plans. He will be involved on Saturday if we get clearance but he will also be involved immediately in the Premier League.

He is quick, can play on the left or right but also down the middle and in training today I was very pleased with what I saw. With Michael Kightly having been injured, there has been a lot of onus on Matt Jarvis but Geoffrey can also do that job for us out on the wing. We have struggled for goals and he also gives us that real attacking option from either side.

I am a little bit bewildered that an experienced manager like Mick McCarthy seem to be that confident that this young footballer can make an immediate mark in the best league in the world. Players coming from the continent usually takes several games before they get used to playing in the Premiership and the Belgian league is not at all one of the best in Europe.

And wouldn’t it be better for McCarthy to wait before he says that he will play immediately in the Premier League until he has played in the FA Cup against Crystal Palace? This does not sound like the ordinary McCarthy way. Is he getting desperate? As i said before (HERE) it is not smart to put all your hopes into one young mans performance. He looks good on the videos, yes. But we will know more on Saturday.


Geoff Mujangi Bia – With the old gold number 25


~ by paddytheflea on January 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “McCarthy has a very strong belief in Mujangi’s capacity”

  1. is this not the player that Man U & Aresenal were on about signing last season? for a lot more than we are going to?

    • Yes! I just read about him in an Arsenal blog. I think they signed Nasri instead (!)
      Hopefully Mujangi is as good or better, johnwolf. 😆 He is compared with Ribery!

  2. hopefully he is as good as mick say’s but we need a striker at the minute don’t we?
    and we need a decent defender mancienne aint cutting it for the premier league and cradock is getting to old to keep up with the pace of premier league strikers! mick get a defender and a striker in a proven goalscorer in the premier league! otherwise your going to break all of our hearts because we will go back down to the championship! we need someone like richard dunne in our defence!

  3. Nothing wrong with giving the guy a bit of confidence. The flip side of the coin is Mick says he won’t be involved in the Premier League, which would be ridiculous. We’ve only got one fit winger so it’s pretty obvious he’s going to play, otherwise why would he have bought him? I see no signs of desperation at all.

    • He is 20 and he has not played outside of Belgium before and not many matches as a professional in Belgium either. As you say it is good to give him confidence, but it is not good to go out to the media and say that he will play in the PL immediately. That is – according to TeamTalk – what McCarthy says (and what is quoted above).

  4. he does look good yes and the cup game is perfect to start him off, which he might perform well in and then could merit a role against Liverpool as a sub in my opinion depending on obv injury’s

  5. paddythe flea and staffordwolf i agree on the striker maybe a more attacking midfielder who can also play up front yes i would maybe look at another winger but as for center backs i think we have a good back line which yes needs improvement but i think they have shown some good performances and can only get better but we will see what happens in the closing half of the season! im not upset or downhearted on our performance in the prem this season this far at all i believe we have played very well and could avoid the drop.

    • I agree that we have played well in some matches. But less well in others. I hoped for the signing of a couple of experienced PL players that could stabilize the play somewhat and help keeping us up, Tim. But it doesn’t seem to happen. It will be a fight to the last match, I think. And I’m not sure my nerves can take that. 😆

  6. i think we’ve not played too bad on the whole (Wigan, B’ham, Chelsea,Blackburn games aside), Defensively i’d have thought we’d have let more goals in than we have, and if only we’d have been able to find the opposition net then some of those 1 nil losses could have been 1-1 draws or even 2-1 wins. its our attack that has let us down so far, not our defence – i think that is qualified by the fact that our oldest defender was at a point our leading goal scorer

    • I agree, Dubai Wolf.
      And actually I don’t think that there’s anything wrong about our strikers. I think the lack of goals so far has to do with our style of play. Wolves must be much faster – especially after taking the ball from the opposing team in midfield. No passes to the side or backwards. Straight forward running and passing the ball in the deep to catch the defences off guard. That’s my recipe for success and more goals.

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