Probable team lineups Wolves vs Crystal Palace (FA Cup)

It is time for the FA Cup again and Wolves invites Crystal Palace to the Golden Palace.

This is also a golden opportunity for the old gold an black to become a winning team again ahead of the important game against Liverpool on Tuesday.

The guests have one of their full backs. Hill, cup tied. But I have found a replacement and made a shift for them. Palace formation is often described as a 4-3-3, but I have written it out as a 4-4-2 with their probable soon to be transferred player Moses on top. Time for another Cup!

The Wolves team tomorrow is not so easy to work out. Match already on Tuesday and some players will rest. I think Doyle is one of them. Ebanks-Blake will get a final chance to show that he still can score goals and he will start, according to McCarthy himself. Wolves new winger Mujangi (more about him HERE) will not start, says Mick, but he will come in later.  Let’s have another Cup!

Blades were rumoured to have an interest to sign Hill in Wolves. So maybe he will play as a display on the left back. And Ward will be fit on Tuesday as well. Stearman is out for a red card so Foley will play on his old (and right) position.

With Kights not yet ready to play and with Big Chris as a target. I think that Halford could do a job on the right flank. He can be substituted with Mujangi later on or Jarvis could be replaced, depending on their play and the standings in the match.

This is my educated guess for starting elevens in tomorrows game.



~ by paddytheflea on January 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Probable team lineups Wolves vs Crystal Palace (FA Cup)”

  1. He should have started.

  2. Who? Mujangi? Maybe. But it could be better for him not to be pulled off in his first match.

  3. I really don’t understand the gaffer, playing Foley on the wing.

  4. Well, well! 2-2. Looking on the bright side; the next match will probably be televised, and the match will give further experience to our “second team”.

    • Ya, but I’m disappointed at Mick for not playing the players that could have made a difference in the match. And they didn’t have any defence against the set pieces of Ambrose, despite my warning. Mick should read Paddytheflea!

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