A Wolves Draw against Crystal Palace in the Cup

As everybody probably knows Wolves played 2-2 against Crystal Palace at home in the FA Cup.

I am disappointed at the result, but glad that the lads could save a replay. I believe that Mick McCarthy had stripped the team of it’s necessary creative contents beforehand. By leaving players like Jarvis and Milijas out of the team he made it impotent. With one of the two in the team at least for one half of the match, a replay would not have been necessary in my opinion.

I did not watch the game so I can’t comment on details of the match. But I’ve seen in reports that our new winger did well for half an hour and that Zubar scored a fantastic goal.

I have not been impressed about Hennessey’s conduct on set pieces before. Maybe it was a mistake to play him against a team with set pieces as one of their few chances to win against Wolves. I think that Hahnemann knows much more about how to defend on corners and free kicks.

So without having seen the match my critique against Mick McCarthy is massive. He can, though, revenge hismelf against Liverpool on Tuesday and follow the Academy example today (see HERE) and win that game.


Zubar managed to save a replay for Wolves in the Cup against Crystal Palace. No thanks to Mick McCarthy.


~ by paddytheflea on January 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Wolves Draw against Crystal Palace in the Cup”

  1. What are you talking about paddy me ole son , you were lucky to escape with a replay.

    • I think that was what I was talking about, paa.
      When our otherwise totally sane manager does not pick a team that can win this is what happens.
      And he didn’t take heed of the warnings about your Ambrose that was sent to him by Paddy in form of a video of an Ambrose free kick. Hennessey and McCarthy should visit Paddytheflea’s for sure!

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