Probable Team Line-ups: Wolves vs Liverpool

Liverpool have been affected by some injurys lately on key players and Wolves also have a couple of key players out since some time back now. But both team seem to be coping pretty well with their situation and it should be a very interesting game at the Molineux.

Torres and Benayoun will not play for Liverpool, but Gerrard will probably have a good chance. But I think Benitez will start with him on the bench as his replacement did well – and so did the whole team – against Tottenham. I think Benitez will start with the team that started against Tottenham.

Wolves, then? Well, Hennessey did certainly not take his chance against Palace, but there were one fellow in the back four that did. Zubar. He will replace Stearman on the right. Ward will of course come back on the left. And Berra will come back together with Craddock to assure stability in the middle.

The midfield four will be exactly the same as when Wolves met Liverpool at Anfield. Mancienne and our new winger guy – Mujangi (we only sign players that starts with an M) 😆 will be on the bench waiting to come in. And he will probably replace Jarvis or Foley (probably Jarvis) after an hour or so. Milijas will probably be replaced after an hour as well.

Up front Wolves will probably do one change. At some time the patience of Mick McCarthy must run out and I think this is the time. Ebanks-Blake has not scored in open play in 15 games in the Premier League and a couple of Cup and Reserves games.

Mick has to let other players get a chance at his position and I think It’s Iwelumos’s turn to show what he can do from start together with Doyle. And Vokes will sit on the bench waiting to substitute him after about an hour (MMST (MM standard time for subs)).
Now you now everything but the result. But it will be one all or two goals to one for Wolves. 😆
At least that it was I think. Here are the starting elevens.



~ by paddytheflea on January 25, 2010.

9 Responses to “Probable Team Line-ups: Wolves vs Liverpool”

  1. reina carra skrtel greek insua lucas masch maxi aqua riera kuyt.

  2. Whilst I feel Foley deserves his place in the team, can anyone tell me what he offers on the right wing, considering our baron spell in front of goal?

    • Foley can offer much, but he is not a goalscorer for sure. But he had three very dangerous crosses against Wigan and he ‘puts a shift in’. I think both will play tonight.

  3. I’ll bet you £10 he doesn’t deliver 2 dangerous crosses in tonight’s game. He’ll be eased out the game. He should be playing at right back. I just don’t see the logic in playing our best right back on the right of midfield. As a result we’re suffering both at the back (with Stearman) and compromising any hope of some attacking wing play – which is what got us promoted!
    Granted, this is a different league and we can’t be as gung-ho as we’d all like to see, as we’ll be punished for leaving gaps at the back – see the Arsenal and Sunderland games for details! But playing our strongest players in their strongest positions surely should be a priority.
    I’d rather see Foley “put a shift in” at right back than anyone or anywhere else.
    BTW, Lee Naylor always put a shift in, and where did that get us!?

    • I don’t believe it’s totally wrong to put Zubar in the right back position and have Foley at right wing. He is not an out and out winger at all, but Zubar and Foley can take turns at going forward and complement each other at the right back. It’s a modern game, not ‘fixed’ positions. And it makes it harder for the opponents to mark the players.

  4. Granted that it’s a modern game where players can change positions in a bid to confuse the oppo. but I feel that applies more to the likes of Kightly and Jarvis swaping wings or Kightly having a stint down the middle to narrow the game for a spell. I don’t think it can really apply to playing 2 right backs as a façade for making things difficult for the opposition. If anything it’s making it harder for us to create chances. 17 goals in 20 games can vouch for that!
    Foley deserves his place in the starting 11, as he has played well and shown professionalism; Zubar surely is challenging for a place in the team following his performance against Palace. BUT that doesn’t mean MM should play both of them. You wouldn’t have seen Wayne Bridge AND Ashley Cole in the starting 11 for Chelsea if they both had played well recently, despite all their attacking prowess. MM should be a manager and choose ONE of them to start at right back, and play a f***ing midfielder in midfield in order to give our strikers, and our team, a chance or two…

    EUREKA!! I’ve just worked it out. If we play defenders in midfield then we can trick Karl Henry into playing a forward pass!! MM = genius!

  5. […] to go out early showing your thoughts of a probable team line-up. My educated guess yesterday (HERE) may be totally obsolete today – at least when it comes to the Wolves […]

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