Second signing from Charleroi to Wolves (w. video)

Wolves has signed their second player. And it is the second player from Charleroi.

I was on the verge of writing about him when Mujangi signed, because it was written in Belgian papers that Wolves were interested in another player from Charleroi on loan as well.

His name is Adlene Guedioura and he is a 24-year-old midfielder from France. Mick McCarthy about the new signing from the Official site:

Adlene is an all-round midfield player who is very mobile and can get up and down the pitch. Technically he is also very good and has the physical characteristics to be able to cope with the Premier League. He’s another player who has been scouted abroad by Taff (Ian Evans) and I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring him in.

Guedioura has a famous Algerian father who played football on an international level. Adlene himself has no merits from Algerian senior football, but he represented Algeria on Youth level.

The Official site says that he will be in the squad for the game against Liverpool tomorrow if his papers will be cleared by the FA.

I have no hopes for any of these two players coming in and play first team football directly in the Premier League. They come from the Belgian league club Charleroi, which finished 12th in the weak Belgian first league last season.

It will take time for these two to get used to the league, but they may be up and running and ready to take a place next season. But I don’t understand why Mick McCarthy insists that they can come in and take a place immediately. That is giving people false hopes.


P.S. But he looks good on this video compilation – as they all do. He is a defensive midfielder, but seem to have a good eye for the game and I like his deep passes. But he is probably not quick enough and have to speed up his pace. See for yourselves below. D.S.


~ by paddytheflea on January 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Second signing from Charleroi to Wolves (w. video)”

  1. Yep, tend to agree with you here.

    It appears that once again we’re rummaging around in the bargain bucket. Wolves are getting more and more like that character in the Fast Show.

    ‘Did you buy that Striker we desperately need dear?’

    ‘No….better than that, I got 2 unknown midfielders with no prem experience on loan and some bin liners…..’

    Give the guys a chance I hear everyone call. Of course, we all should. But lets all keep one eye on the bigger picture here, it’s not a pretty one.

  2. Yep!
    I begin to think that MM and Moxey are getting these two into the squad for playing the next year in the (God forbid) Championship.

    In summer they will sell some of our midfielders to PL-clubs and Wolves will play with the Belgians in the Championship. But they can of course not say that out laud now.

  3. I agree with you, Adlene might need more time, as the battles in the middle are more intense, and the players there will need more time to adapt. The winger on the other hand can go straight into a starting eleven. His brilliant technical skills and pace makes him less vulnerable to the high pace of the game in premiership, although it’s dubious he can hold on to a first team place, play week in week out.

  4. One never know though. Rise adapted quite fast at Fulham. Players with great stamina, pace and technique doesn’t necessary need much time. Milijas needed more time because he had average speed and not so good stamina.

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