Jez Moxey: We have no apetite to enter the realms of fantasy football

Director of Wolves financial affairs Jez Moxey has made a statement on the Wolves World site about wolves involvement in the market of the January transfer window. Here are some quotes from the lengthy statement.

We are no different to the majority of clubs in the Barclays Premier League in terms of aiming to improve our squad with the capture of experienced top flight players but, as is probably obvious to all by now, those efforts are proving frustratingly difficult. And it’s not just us! At the time of writing, the transfer business this January has been extremely slow for all clubs, although we might see an upturn towards the close of the window on Monday evening.

The main obstacle for us has not been the lack of money available for players – far from it. As I have already stated in the media, we have made a number of multi million pounds offers for players which have been knocked back. And I can also reveal that we have been involved in discussions with a club about a deal which would potentially have seen us break our transfer record. Finance is not the main issue; Steve Morgan has been totally supportive and we are working within our budget to help us strengthen the team.

We have stated that, ideally, we want to bring in players with Premier League experience – but at present clubs are just not prepared to sell the players who fit that bill.Of course, every player has a price but we have no appetite to enter the realms of ‘fantasy football’ where you might have to pay £10 million or more plus a massive contract for a player who, in truth, you know is only worth two or three million. We will not act irresponsibly or in a manner which could seriously harm the future of our Club and would hope fans will understand – and indeed support – our reasons for not doing so.”

We haven’t given up on making at least one more signing and will probably make a fourth and final bid for a player we have been pursuing throughout January. Let’s hope it’s enough to make the transfer happen because we are fully aware of the need to remain in the Premier League this season and signing the player would help improve the squad.

We believe in a sensible and prudent fiscal policy whilst at the same time striving to boost and strengthen the squad whenever we can – hence the signings and bids we have made so far. We have done this in the knowledge that they are affordable and won’t damage the Club’s financial future.

We continue to try to strengthen, albeit within our means, and do everything we can within our power to try and help Mick add to the squad. There will be no stone left unturned in the pursuit for a further fresh face between now and 5pm on Monday. And we also continue to keep fighting and scrapping for every point in our aim to become a club which becomes experienced at life in the Premier League.

When reading Moxey’s statement about the player Wolves is pursuing it really makes you think of Mr Hunt of Hull, doesn’t it?! I really hope that we will get him on Monday latest. Then we can push forward with two wingers like last season.

The record Moxey writes about could be Johnson from Boro. It sounds like we didn’t get him. Probably Boro didn’t want to part with him.

I think that Wolves has a sound financial policy and I’m backing it 100 percent. But it’s a hard balance to try not to overspend while at the same time getting the experienced players needed to sign for the club. But it’s a crazy market out there and I hope the quality of Wolves policy will gain the club in the long run. And that it will be a long run in the Premier League.



~ by paddytheflea on January 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Jez Moxey: We have no apetite to enter the realms of fantasy football”

  1. Fiscal policy?! We’re a football club, not the Government Moxey.

  2. 😆
    Is he aiming for a seat in the Government?

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