Mancienne: I have a good chance of getting in the Chelsea team

Firstly. Wolves loanee from Chelsea is very pleased with his own and the teams performance against Liverpool yesterday and his new role on central midfield, writes SkySports News.

I’m growing to like the position of central midfield. I’ve come on for Chelsea a couple of times there and started against Man City for Wolves and now this game. It was the same game plan against Steven Gerrard I’d play against anyone. I was pleased with how it went against him – but I only did it with the help of the boys around me. But I do enjoy that role of trying to shackle someone, trying to nick the ball in front of people, and getting right up close to someone.

That draw is going to give the boys a massive boost. We basically stopped them from creating anything and I think that has given the boys a big lift for the next couple of games. It was hard work for us. It is a testament to us because we all worked hard and stopped them from being a good side.

I think Michael Mancienne did a terriffic job as a holding midfielder and the fact that Steven Gerrard looked totally impotent through out the match is a very good testament to the quality of the Mancienne defensive skills.

Mancienne also talked to SkySports about his future and if he is going to sign for Wolves.

I don’t think so. I am definitely going back to Chelsea. I want to try and fight for my place. I think I have a good chance of getting (in the team). I’ve just got to keep doing what I’m doing, and keep playing well, and then I think I’ll give myself a bigger opportunity of playing in that team.

I am enjoying playing week in and week out. That is what I need to better myself and improve as a footballer because I can’t sit on the bench and improve. I think I made the right decision (coming to Wolves). Coming to Wolves has improved me as a player. I am playing regular football in the best league in the world.

But he is open to play for Wolves on loan for another season.

Definitely. If that is what I’ve got to do, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to play football.

Well. Is he really sure that Wolves wants him? Maybe they do, but to the right price.

Michael Mancienne will not grow up to be a central defender in my opinion. But he can become a very good central midfielder and a utility player of class. But there are others out there with much more experience and they may very well be cheaper to sign than the golden boy from Chelsea.

Mancienne still makes a lot of mistakes.But as a holding midfielder they are not as hurting for the team as when he played in the central defender role. He is not yet the finished product and it will take another season at least before he is.

Will he spend that season on the bench with Chelsea or playing for Wolves? I don’t know. It may be partly Mancienne’s own choice but I wouldn’t be too shure that Mick McCarthy wants him on loan for another year. At least not without an option to sign him permanently for a good price.

But – as I have written before – it is good that McCarthy has found Mancienne’s primary position at last. The fans has known it since last season (The flea is the perpetual rebel :lol:)



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