Player Ratings: Wolves vs Liverpool

A hard battling Wolves team earned themselves a well-deserved draw against Liverpool tonight.

They did not give away an inch to the top four team from the Mersey-side and in the second half they were the best team on the pitch and the team that deserved the victory the most. There were very few clearcut chances either way and in the end a goalless draw was the natural conclusion to this fight.

Wolves managed to get the match to be played the way they wanted. As a hard battle without fancy passing and niceties. That is what finally decided the outcome. That and the fact that nobody in the Wolves team fell out of the frame. Everybody really did put a shift in and no crucial mistakes were made.

Liverpool, of course, suffered from not having their number one goalscorer Torres in the team and Wolves manager Mick McCarthy took the decision to play with only one striker, which strengthened the team in the middle of the pitch and gave a slight advantage – especially in the second half of the match – but that also made it very hard to get a goal against a well assembled Pool defence.

But at the end it was a triumph to the tactics of manager Mick McCarthy over his much more revered opposite number in Liverpool. Something that he should have a special credit for.

Here follows the ratings for the rest of the team. Only the starting eleven will be rated. the others played to short a time to be able to judge the performance from.

Hahnemann – 7 – Did not have much to do, but was a soothing factor at set pieces.

Zubar – 7 – Did some mistakes but sorted them out himself. Should have continued playing after a Liverpool player going down. Have played himself into the the starting eleven now.

Craddock – 8 – One of five eights in tonights game. One of his very best performances in defence. Didn’t back an inch.

Berra – 7 – Did no mistakes and proves that he is Craddocks natural partner in defence.

Ward – 6 – Looks a little bit slow sometimes and I am a little scared when he goes forward without cover in the back.

Mancienne – 8 – But today the back four had the cover in form of Michael Mancienne. His best match so far in the Premiership. Played in the holding role and did it very well against some very good players. Top class!

Foley – 7 – Close to an eight. He battles very hard both in defence and going forward. But it shows that he is not a natural in offence.

Henry – 8 – Together with the other Wolves warriors he owned the middle of the park. An impressive performance from our captain.

Milijas – 7 – Battled hard and has learned the defensive play quickly and well. Not his type of game, but he could hold his own anyway. Substituted by Jones late in the match.

Jarvis – 8 – Back in good form and close to be the maker of a decisive goal. always a threat on his wing and came through on several occasions despite well defending by Liverpool.

Doyle – 8 – All alone at the front, but caused the Liverpool defenders all sorts of trouble. As usual he tracked back very well as well and helped defending and picking up the ball from deep down the pitch (four scoring attempts and two clearances really says it all).

It looked like he could slip through the Liverpool defence at any time, and a couple of times he did. But he didn’t get the right angle or enough time or room to get a clear-cut chance at scoring. Nevertheless he is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match.


Kevin Doyle – Paddy’s Man Of The Match battling against the Liverpool defence


~ by paddytheflea on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Liverpool”

  1. Much Better Wolves !!!! Really happy with that performance and I hope Mick can now see the advantage of dropping seb and playing a 451.

    With the exception of Ward I think Mick should now have a very good idea of who his starting 11 is… lets hope the notepad he used for this game gets looked at again – especially with 3 crunch games in a row !!!


    Ad Happy Mant

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