Should we play as against Liverpool every week?

Is this the way to play in the future? That is a most appropriate question after last nights success against Liverpool playing with a different formation of the team.

Wolves manager had changed the formation from the traditional 4-4-2 that Wolves have played for most of the season to a way of positioning the players that could best be described as a 4-1-4-1-formation with Mancienne covering the back four and getting in Steven Gerrards face at the same time.

And it worked splendidly. Here are a couple of players voices about the new formation from the E&S.
Kevin Doyle:

It was fine (playing alone up front). I’ve done it before. It’s different, but a lot of teams play like that now so you have to get used to doing it, especially against teams like Liverpool. It was the first time we’ve played one up front at home, but we got a point, it worked reasonably well and it was the right thing to do.

It’s different to having two up there, but you just try to keep going, nick headers and try to bring other lads into play as much as you can. When we’ve played the top four or five teams in the past, we’ve played well for half an hour and maybe should have got something and haven’t. This time we set out differently and it was something we’d been working on for the last few days. The idea was to stop them playing and give us a platform to go from and it worked as they were resorting to long balls in the end.

Hopefully when we play the bigger teams again, we might do something similar. We packed the midfield and we had plenty of lads nicking second balls with fresh legs in the middle to win everything.

And Karl Henry:

Playing up front on his own is such a difficult, thankless task and they were tough defenders, but he battled really well. He won more than his fair share, he created chances, he held the ball up well, he was coming back and tackling – he was brilliant. Even if he could only hold the ball for five seconds, that’s still doing a great job because it’s keeping the ball for us.

Mancienne did a great job, and that gave me and Nenad the license to push on to support Doyle. I’ve got the legs to do it, so it was nice to be up there but it would be even nicer to add a goal or even a shot on target! I enjoy getting forwards although I didn’t feel I was at my best last night.

I like the way Wolves played yesterday against Liverpool. Especially with Mancienne playing as a holding midfielder and doing it soo well that Gerrard did not manage to play his usual role in his team. He didn’t get the time.

And Doylers contribution was of course top class at the front. But at times I wanted a second striker. Especially at the end of the match and when it became clear that Foley and Milijas didn’t have the skills of strikers when they had their chances to place the ball in the Liverpool net.

But I can understand that McCarthy didn’t take Iwelumo or Vokes into play. It could have weakened the team defensively. But with players coming back from injury we could field an even better 4-1-4-1 formation. And maybe our new signings could play a role in such a formation as well.

Such a formation should not be played against every team, though. The top four or six at home and away and maybe against a couple of other teams away, but it cripples us a bit at going forward. But maybe when we get Kightlty back and in form we could actually take more advantage of such a formation going forward. Such a formation craves two out-and-out wingers.



~ by paddytheflea on January 27, 2010.

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