Ebanks-Blake will not play against Hull

Mick McCarthy seem to have given up hope for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake to score. SkySports have interviewed our manager and this is what he reveals:

Sylvan is a striker who has got his kudos in the game from scoring goals. He has played well in some games this season but it does come to the point where it is not getting easier to score and he has to come out of the side.”

“You can show a player loyalty, support and encouragement and I have played him for around 18 of the last 20 games. But eventually you have to think about making a change and we’ve got people here like Chris Iwelumo and Stefan Maierhofer chomping at the bit to play.

For me it is no question about it after this announcement by Mick. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake will not play on Saturday against Hull. If Wolves will play 4-4-2 – and I think we do – Iwelumo or the Hoff will play up front with Doyle.



~ by paddytheflea on January 28, 2010.

17 Responses to “Ebanks-Blake will not play against Hull”

  1. I think he will play on saturday. He needs games like these to score his goals, all a matter of confidence. He might be on the bench, but I reckon he will have a part to play. Neither the Hof or Big Chris is as good as him

    • 15 games without a goal in open play. How many more chances are you prepared to give him? Til the en of the season and then continuing the next season in the Championships? See my answer to your blogging friend about the ‘not as good as’ part. 😆

  2. SEB is in the squad at Hull. He may start if not, he will still have some part to play. he is defo good enough for this league, he just needs some confidence.

    Neither the hof or Big Chris is anywhere near as good as him.

    • He has played in 15 matches in the PL without scoring while Iwelumo, the Hoff and Vokes haven’t got enough chances to show what they can do. I think the type of play they represent very well can be the key to Doyle getting more chances to score more goals. It’s not as simple as that guy is better than that guy – it’s about different skills and pairings, Louie.

  3. Illumo and the Hoff are not good enough for the championship, the problem is we are not creating enough chances foe Ebanks Blake to score.
    Mcarthy narrowing the pitch has not helped us one bit.

    • I’ve got many friends who are also very skeptic about the narrowing of the pitch, adeyp.
      But I really think that Iwelumo has shown that he is good enough for the Chamnpionship? And The Hoff has actually scored in open play in the Premier League and Ebanks-Blake has not. And a target player can bring something else into the game and be a help for Doyler to score.

  4. Iwelumo is not good enough for the prem, saying they haven’t had enough chances and SEB has is silly. If Sylvan got clear chances on saturday, he would get atleast one, the others im not so confident in. Doyle and SEB could easy work, Paddy. Doyle the work man and footballer with someone who can hold it up (which recently he has done very well) and he’s a poacher. A perfect pairing in my opinion.

    I don’t want a big boke to boot it to. I want us to play football like we can.

    • In theory it sounds great, Louie. But in practise they have already proved that it down’t work in my opinion. They have had chances enough as a pairing. Time for other constellations in my opinion. And I think that is MM’s opinion as well.

      • I think Keogh-Doyle pairing is way better.

      • Yeah. That didn’t work too bad. But Keogh is not back until March, they say. Keogh creates far more than SEB and that’s what we really need to score.

  5. For the next match I actually think Iwelumo deserves to start up front with Doyle. Maierhofer has returned from injury, but I questions his form. If our wings are capable of delivering crosses both Maierhofer and Iwelumo are better alternatives than Ebanks.

    • If MM will play 4-4-2 I think he will play with Iwelumo for an hour and then with the Hoff or Vokes.

  6. Iwelumo isn’t good enough for this league. He did great for us last season, but is older and not as good as SEB.

    we haven’t seen enough of the partnership. And that game against Burnley showed me it can work. Doyle and SEB had their injuries (Doyle recovering much better) and SEB just needs to keeping going, he will score soon.

    you don’t turn a bad player overnight, and it was about 6 months ago when we all thought he was better than Doyle

    • It’s undecided for Iwelumo if he is or istn’t good enough for this league. He has not played enough. Too old he is definately not.

      But when it comes to SEB he has played enough to say that he does not produce enough to stay in the starting eleven. He cannot occupy a striker position and not deliver. Keogh didn’t get half of SEB’s chances before he was taken off the starting eleven and he is much better in play and at working back than SEB.

      We are playing Hull on Saturday and Crystal Palace on tuesday. The best is if SEB rests against Hull and tries his luck against Championship opposition on Tuesday with fresh legs. That surely must be MM’s position as well. He is a smart manager.

  7. I think that SEB will be in the squad, on the bench, being dropped may be the kick up the backside he needs. We have Vokes and Iwelumo who could take his place. However I think that Wolves will play 4-1-4-1 again with Doyle the lone striker

    • You may very well be right – or at least half right. He may start with the 4-1-4-1-formation and then – if we are not in the lead after an hour – put Iwelumo or Vokes in for Mancienne.

  8. I think if we are looking for a goal, it’s the poacher you want not a big man. I hate our plan B, lump it up to Vokes for last ten minutes.

    You have to have someone in the right positions and being fed chances! Vokes is a bit like that, and I think he will be very good in a couple of years. It owuld be very like Mick to play Big Chris, but I hope he doesn’t

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