Hull manager Brown: I have talked to McCarthy on the phone about Hunt

The Irish Examiner today published an interview with the Hull Manager Phil Brown about the Wolves interest in their player Stephen Hunt.
He’s a good player and has played his part so far this season. Yesterday there was firm interest from Wolves. People are saying the bids will test us but I am hoping Stephen Hunt will test Wolves the right way on Saturday, playing for Hull City. Hopefully that will continue from now until the end of the season.

I spoke to Stephen this morning and began preliminary talks with regards to a new contract. That’s how keen we are on keeping Stephen at this football club. They probably are (mischief-making), but it is not (manager) Mick McCarthy. He doesn’t deal that way and he has been on the phone to me. He has said there is a genuine interest but he is not the only one. There are a number of clubs interested in Stephen Hunt but we have stood in the way.

Jez Moxey said in his programme notes on Tuesday he is not going to bid £10million for a player worth £2-3million. However, he has bid £4million, so I don’t know where he is standing.”

There is much information in this interview. Phil Brown comfirms there is a bid of £4 million on the table from Wolves. He ‘hopes’ Hunt will play for Hull on Saturday and for the rest of the season, but he is not certain.

Probably it is Hunt that wants talks about a new contract to compare the offer from Hull with the offer he gets from Wolves (and maybe other clubs).

The conclusion must be that it still is a distinct possibility that Stephen Hunt will play for Wolves on Tuesday. Phil Brown does not want that for sure, but what about the owners of Hull? They are in a tough financial situation and may very well choose the money for the player. But in the end I think it’s up to Hunt himself. If he doesn’t want to play for Hull anymore and likes the Wolves offer he will probably get the permission to leave.



~ by paddytheflea on January 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Hull manager Brown: I have talked to McCarthy on the phone about Hunt”

  1. Your not having him – He’s ours!!!

  2. If it is true that Phil Brown has publicly declared that Wolves have offered £4 million,it would probably be regarded by Wolves as inappropriate business practice.Presumably the purpose is to jack up other bids. Wolves won’t do business like that in public and I think Jez Moxey will withdraw the offer and end any negotiations.

    • Yep. It’s true. I’ve heard and seen him on video saying it.
      If we get him I don’t think Moxey will give a shit about business practices.
      I think Wolves have made this affair very public by letting E&S in on what’s happening, trying to set pressure on Hull.

  3. If the money is right then he will leave-end off, plus lets face it if he has any ambition then he will sign for the Wolves,bigger club, bigger fan base, bigger history + we don’t have a rugby club that is bigger than the football club.
    Win,lose or draw on saturday hull will always be in our shadow that’s if you could see them?

  4. You might have some history, and glorious it was. But now Hull are the better team and will stay up while MM will take Wolves down. Has MM ever kept a team up?

    I you put both rugby sides together it still won’t add up to the Tigers fan base.

  5. come on hunt you know where going to be great unlike hull, although i am living in hull at the moment and i do like the team and the fans i still want hunt to be at wolves!

  6. i think you are over anlaysing these comments. I am not the cunning linguist you are giving me credit for

    • Aaah. You are a fox, Phil Brown. You know Wolves will get Hunt in the end. Just atdmit it here and now to me: I will not tell anybody.:lol:

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