Chairman Pearson: ALL the players in Hull are for sale

The Daily Star reporter Sami Mokbel today writes that the Chairman of Hull – Adam Pearson – last night announced that the whole squad of Hull was put out for grabs. Each and every player are for sale according to the reporter.

Tigers supremo Adam Pearson has been shocked by the club’s poor finances since replacing former chairman Paul Duffen in November. Hull are understood to be in the region of £10m in debt and have a reported wage bill of around £39m.

And Starsport understands that Hull will listen to offers for ALL of their players in a bid to balance the books – despite boss Phil Brown fighting to keep the club in the top flight. Wolves have had a £4m offer for winger Stephen Hunt turned down by Hull – but the club’s poor financial state could force the club to part with the Republic of Ireland star before the Monday deadline. Starsport has also learned that Hull has offered Bernard Mendy to clubs and are even willing to pay part of his wages to help ship the defender out.

The most recent accounts revealed that the Tigers needed to find £16m to stay afloat, even if they manage to retain their place in the Premier League at the end of this season. And if they suffer relegation to the Championship, they must raise an extra £23m or risk going into administration. But current chief Pearson admits it may be hard to cut the squad given the lucrative deals handed to players when the club gained promotion to the top flight.

The club has clearly overspent and overpaid on wages. It is no surprise to me that the Chairman has a completely other view about selling the players than manager Phil Brown. I am not sure that Hull can fend off the Wolves bids any longer.

This is the natural way that things uses to unfold when it comes to transfers. The manager tries to hold on to them, but the Chairman decides that they must go.

Maybe Wolves will end up with more than one player from Hull on Monday – the closing day of the January transfer window. Bernard Mendy is a very experienced and classy player who can play either on the right back or as a right winger.

But he may draw too much wages for Wolves to accept. But as a French speaking guy he would be perfect together with Zubar and the two new signings from Charleroi. It will be a couple of very interesting end days to the transfer window for sure.



~ by paddytheflea on January 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “Chairman Pearson: ALL the players in Hull are for sale”

  1. What a load of rubbish. We are not gonna sell our squad off as we want to stay in the best league in the world. If we sell players like Hunt we will go down- For me Wolves are more of favourites to go down.
    I have no worries about staying up.
    There are loads of reports clearly stating- THERE WILL BE NO FIRE SALE

    • It is your manager, Phil Brown who says that there will be no firesale, TigerPhil. It is not unheard of that the manager and the chairman are of different opinions regarding these matters, TigerPhil. But the chairman always has the last word. He has to tend to the economics of the club or you will find yourselves in administration at the end of the season. Will you stay up without Hunt? Time will tell! 😆

  2. You believe what you read in the Daily Star ?

    Are you under the age of ten ?

    This is the most useless piece of made up garbage I’ve ever seen and you embarrass yourself by repeating it. Why not write about something with more foundation, like the double decker bus that was found on the moon !

    • I can understand that you are upset to lose one of your best players, Lambrettaman.

      If the double decker bus was painted in Old Gold and Black I would surely write about it. 😆

  3. There is no Fire Sale- a %h!t sale maybe AP is trying to offload the fringe players on big contracts, and has already stated Hunt is not for sale, Moxley’s dealings in the press will not have gone down well and will have galvanised the team hopefully like gary cook did to Man Ure. The stories in the press about hull city over the last month are sensationalistic, yes we have financial problems but not has bad as been made out, wage bill is too big end of. I think moxley knows he can’t get hunt but is trying to look good to the wolves fans.

    • I have followed this very close, East Hull Tiger. Chairman Pearson has not said that Hunt is not for sale. Only your manager Brown, but that is not for him to decide. I think Brown is trying to look good to the Hull fans.

  4. I think you’ll find he has Paddy, Official Statement on The Club Website and at a fans forum last week, He stated it would take 6 or 7 Million, with all due respect you can’t afford that. if Duffen said it i would not believe him, Adam Pearson is a Different Kettle of fish if he says he’s not for sale, he’s Not For Sale. we can offer you halmosi folan, cousin and hughes if you’re that desperate for Tigers!

  5. That only shows that every player is for sale, East Hull Tiger. Ther rest is a question of negotiations about the price tag. And that is what they are about now.

    Your people would be fools not to exaggerate the price tag as well as our people would be fools not to bid low at the beginning and then go upwards. We have not seen the end of the bidding yet.

  6. clearly hull want to get as much as possible for Hunt.
    They will play brinksmanship to the last minute, they are in big trouble obviously.

  7. every player at every club is for sale at a Price, Tuesday will see if AP was telling the truth or not

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