Hahnemann: Premier League is the league that everyone in the States watches

Wolves hard to beat American keeper Marcus Hahnemann have talked to the Express & Star about his former team mate Stephen Hunt and about his life as a footballer (or soccer player as they say over there) in the Premier League

He (Hunt) could definitely add something to us. He’s a super strong player and I’m sure he’s a player the gaffer would really like. He’s got that attitude, the crazyiness and the Irish connection too would fit really well.

About other players he or others in Wolves know in Hull

There will certainly be a lot of ‘trash talking’, that’s for sure! Funnily enough, we haven’t had any banter yet, but I’m sure it’s going to start tonight – the text messages will start flying. There’s a few of us who know each other – there’s another American in Jozy Altidore and Wayne Hennessey knows Boaz Myhill from the Wales set-up, so it will be interesting. I watched Boaz at Tottenham and he was on fire, he was that good.

Hahnemann goes on to talk about friends from the United States coming to visit him and the popularity of the Premier League over there.

It’s the best league in the world and playing against the best teams in the world, so it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve got some friends over from Colorado that I met when I played there and still keep in contact with. Frank has been over here a lot and Fred’s here too. They wanted to see Liverpool and they’re going up to Hull. They’ve been to see us training as well. They absolutely love the Premier League, especially after Reading were there too.

I think we had house guests all season the first season Reading were in the Premier League – there were only about 10 days when we didn’t have people staying with us! Everyone came over because it’s the best league in the world and it’s the one that everyone in the States watches because it’s as good as it gets. We take it for granted that it’s the most entertaining league because we’re here.

Even the Championship is featured on a ‘game of the week’, but people don’t know all the players. If you turn on to watch some game on TV, it doesn’t matter how good it is, you won’t watch it because you don’t know the individual players so you don’t know whether they’re having a good or bad game. People like to look at those things and know how they’re playing, and things such as whether the team is playing a different formation or not, ‘why is this team playing 4-5-1?’ and ‘do they always play like that?

When you know all the players, or most of them, and they can see it live, things become more interesting and it’s fantastic for them. So they can go to the game knowing everything about it. I say to my friends ‘we just played Liverpool’ and they say ‘I know, we saw it, it was on live over here!’ Every time I talk to someone at home, there are constant reminders of how big the Premier League is. It shows how important it is to try to stay in it.

So give a call to Marcus well in advance if you want to stay in his place and watch Wolves playing or you will end up sleeping on the floor. 😆

I hope I have added some information about the players, the team we meet and the formations to my American visitors that can be useful. Because there is a huge interest from the USA for Wolves. I can tell you that I have had over 3.500 unique visitors to Paddytheflea’s from the USA since October. Not bad for a little flea, eh?

By the way. Do you know that Marcus Hahnemann is nicknamed USA on the boards over here now?! It’s probably too hard to write his name out on spreadsheets with the probable teams or wished teams to play so they short it to USA.

And everybody among the fans are very pleased with his performances so far in the Premier League – despite that he took his position from a former Wolves Academy boy. He has proved himself as the number one goalkeeper and he will continue to be that as long as he plays like he does at the moment. And long may that continue!



~ by paddytheflea on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Hahnemann: Premier League is the league that everyone in the States watches”

  1. Not only is he a great keeper, he’s a super nice guy and a top gent. I’m working on the house next door, went and disturbed him (as you do) and he was more than happy to sign a shirt for my lad, and rattle about the team and the many Wolves questions i had. Ace bloke.

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