Cup Watch: How are Crystal Palace doin’

A little update about Crystal Palace ahead of the cup-game tomorrow.

Everybody thought that they would be plundered of their best players in the transfer window, due to the fact that they are under administration. But that didn’t happen at all.

Manager Neil Warnock in the South London club said to the administrators that he absolutely wanted to keep Neil Danns and Darren Ambrose (see HERE) in the club. And they seem to have obliged him on this.

Danns - Watch out Wolves!An offer were actually made for Danns, but it lead to nothing. As I’ve written previously today even Wolves made a late attempt to snatch Nathaniel Clyne from them, but he rejected a move to Wolves. Why I don’t know.

Maybe he is loyal to his team. Some of the Palace supporters seem to have got a little bit pissed about the Wolves offer to their player, though (see HERE).

Actually Palace may have gone out of the transfer window even stronger than before. Moses were bound to go anyway – everybody knew that. But they’ve got someone back from loan as well. The old big guy Stern John is back after being out on-loan to Ipswich. He didn’t really want to come back, but Keane were reluctant to sign him in the end.

John is a very experienced player and could easily cause Wolves problem if he will play tomorrow. He is not as fast as he uses to be, but his mere strength and height could mean problems for our back line. So watch out, Wolves.

Another fella we should have special attention to in tomorrows game is of course Darren Ambrose. I hope that McCarthy will play Hahnemann instead of Hennessey in goal tomorrow. Hen’s is not a bad keeper, but he never seem to learn the essentials about set pieces. We cannot afford to let in any simple goals tomorrow.

But the main player to watch may very well be Neil Danns. The prolific midfielder scored twice from up-close in their win against Posh in the Championship on Saturday. With help from Ambrose of course. So watch out Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on February 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cup Watch: How are Crystal Palace doin’”

  1. Cheers for the pingback Paddy – all in jest of course, and here’s hoping for a good game tomorrow evening.

    Good luck for the rest of the season (apart from tomorrow night!).

    • Cheers Andy and good luck to you as well.
      I think both teams have much more important tasks ahead than the cup. But a good cup run is always nice.

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