Jarvis out for Cup clash against Crystal Palace tomorrow

Matt Jarvis, our latest goalscorer and terrific winger – will not play against Crystal Palace in the Cup tomorrow due to injury.

He apparently got a knock against Hull (was it Hunt?) and McCarthy will rest him. Mick tells the Official page:

Jarvo’s got a bit of a knock to his calf and won’t be risked because I want him for Birmingham on Sunday. So Geoffrey will be playing, and other than that I don’t know yet. There’s a few who have got knocks from the weekend but should be ok and we don’t play until Sunday so there’s plenty of time to recover.

It’s not like playing games on a Wednesday and then Saturday and thinking we need to be careful. I’ll see how everyone is today. Doyler is one of those who had a scrape down his Achilles and calf and we’ll see how he is. But I genuinely haven’t decided yet and need to see how the players they are.

Sour grapes! I had hoped for Wolves to test playing with two out-and-out wingers against Palace. It would have been an excellent opputunity to do that, but now that is not to be.

Wolves will probably rest a lot of players against Palace. And I think that Doyle will be one of them, but maybe Mick will have him seated at the bench just in case. I hope that we can win anyway, but it will be a hard fought game. Much more about it later.

Yours busy flee


~ by paddytheflea on February 1, 2010.

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