McCarthy: We were hoping to do some more business but it’s looking unlikely

The Wolves manager Mick McCarthy have just spoken to the Official Wolves site telling that it is unlikely that Wolves will sign any additional players until the deadline at 5pm.

We were hoping to do some more business but it’s looking unlikely at the moment. We have signed two really good players in Adlene and Geoffrey who have already both been on the pitch and from what I’ve also seen in training will be terrific for us. We have tried our damnest to bring others in but we can’t force people to come and we can’t force clubs to sell.

There has been a lot of speculation and we’ve had bids in for lots of players. We have tried our best and have even been bidding over the odds for three or four players and more than other clubs have bid for them. You have to do that in the window and we’ve been prepared to do that but it’s just not happened and if people don’t want to come and clubs don’t want to sell there’s nothing we can do about it.

So it’s unlikely unless anything should drop for us before 5pm. There are still irons in the fire but it depends on people changing their minds.”

So Hull seem to cling on to Hunt. Sour grapes. But I do believe that Wolves can survive this without any new additions. We have the players to stay in this league and the other relegation threatened teams have not added any substantial stars to their teams either so far.

For me this was no surprise, but I do believe the news will cause an upset to many supporters who have had high hopes of signing prolific players to get us out of our low position close to the relegation zone.

But to be realistic we will fight to the end in the lower regions of the tables. The matches in the league from now until the middle of April seem to be very hard indeed. So without any doubt the Wolves supporters will be very grumpy indeed the next couple of months.

But after that it will lighten up and we will meet teams in the lower regions. My hope is that we can snatch some points from playing the top teams the next couple of months to be in a position to rise in the tables in the last month of the season. So keep your faith in Mick and the team and be the 12th player – despite everything. It is in the hard times the supporters are needed and tested the most.

Up the Wolves!


~ by paddytheflea on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “McCarthy: We were hoping to do some more business but it’s looking unlikely”

  1. Just highlights the problems when you’re fighting relegation – I see Patsy Cline has turned us down as well. No matter – hopefully the lads will rally, pull together and fight to stay up – then we can stick two fingers up to these players & their clubs. Better still would be Hull going down and then desperately having to off-load Hunt – that would make me smile and Phil “talks too much” Brown would have the tin tack as well!

  2. got to say im disappointed (if not really that surpsrised) – we are perennial under achievers in the transfer market. If anything happens to Kevin Doyle, even if its just a minor lay off, we are done for.

    flying by the seat of your pants again mickey.

    oh dear.

  3. Now we don’t have so many players injured + the new add ons. We also play less naive. It should bring us some points more in the second half of the campaign.

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