Wolverhampton schooled Everton striker to Wolves on loan?

The young Everton and England U-21 striker James Vaughan is rumoured to sign a loan deal with Wolves today.

It is the “is-it-really-worth-the-paper-it’s-written-on-rag” Daily Mail who writes about it. They still claim that Wolves are interested in Jason Roberts, so I am very skeptic about the quality of their reportings.

Would manager David Moyes (left?) of Everton really loan Vaughan out to a fellow Premier League club? But maybe he now thinks that they are so far from the relegation struggle of Wolves that they can afford to lend a player to us. We are no competition for them any more.

But James Vaughan would be an interesting loan signing. He is actually born in Birmingham and went to school in Wolverhampton until the Toffees lured him up north.
He is considered one of the most promising young strikers England has to offer.

As very young he ran the 100 metres at 11.5 seconds. Very impressing! He was loaned out to Derby in September, but couldn’t continue there because of injury and went to surgery for a cartilage tear. He was expected to go back to Derby on loan now, everybody thought, but maybe Wolves will beat them to him.

James Vaughan is of course primarily a player for the future. And maybe his future is in Everton.

But his background growing up in Wolverhampton could mean that the rumour about a loan is true and that we could sign him for the rest of the season. And after that everything could happen of course. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wolverhampton schooled Everton striker to Wolves on loan?”

  1. Interesting story!
    I hope he’s not goal-shy though.

  2. Goal-shy? I thought that was a prerequisite for a Wolves Striker!

  3. scored 10 goals in 11 starts over 5 years but has been badly affected by injuries , is sometimes too brave for his own good , needs match practice , could be a good move for both clubs

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