Wolves target Adam Johnson from ‘Boro to Manchester City

The Wolves target Adam Johnson going from Middlesbrough to Manchester City is a done deal.

The highly regarded midfielder was – according to rumours – the target of a record breaking deal for Wolves a couple of weeks ago (see HERE). A deal that was at about the same level as the £7 million that City are alleged to have paid to sign him.

It is very probable that Johnson didn’t want to join Wolves. We probable paid enough to talk to the young starlet, but that was not enough.

Why Johnson want to sit on the bench in Manchester instead of playing for Wolves is beyond me. But money and career could of course be part of the answer to that. If he does not want to play Premier League football we are just as well without him.



~ by paddytheflea on February 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wolves target Adam Johnson from ‘Boro to Manchester City”

  1. Listen fella, I like Wolves, always have, ‘some of my best friends are wolves fans’, but with respect, time for a reality check, Irrespective of Man city’s interest, what could Adam achieve by moving to Wolves presently ? that’s right, not a great deal,
    Wolves will do well for the rest of the season because of their dogged determination and not because of column inch dreaming.

    • I happen to believe it’s good for a young players development to play against Premier League opposition. Simple as that, Paul Arran.

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