Jez Moxey about the Three Big Fishes that got away

CEO Jez Moxey today talked to the Wolves Official site about the three big fishes that got away from Wolves trying to catch them in their net.

We’re pleased with the two we’ve got but very frustrated we weren’t able to land one of the more marquee-type players we were after. There are three players which I’m going to mention by name because they have been so much in the public domain.”

“There are a whole host of other players who we have considered and bid for but for one reason or another didn’t happen.

The two players we were primarily after were Adam Johnson, who of course has gone to Manchester City, and Stephen Hunt, who has stayed at Hull City.”

“Mick’s always been interested in strengthening the wing position which is why we brought Geoffrey in, because we knew going for an Adam Johnson or a Stephen Hunt was going to be tough.

Big Fish Number One – Stephen Hunt

I know Hull’s Executive Chairman Adam Pearson well, and when he first went back in to Hull he actively encouraged us to bid for players. He said they had to sell some players because they were in financial difficulty and he’d been brought in to clear up the mess. He mentioned two or three players by name – admittedly Stephen Hunt was not one of them – but because they needed to sell we started making bids for Stephen and testing the water. We don’t reveal precise figures but we did get up to a figure which we thought was significantly more than his true value. Obviously you don’t blame Hull for not selling but it has also surprised us that they weren’t tempted by the offer. They have taken the decision not to sell anyone in the hope they can stay in the Premier League and solve their financial problems that way. Mick really wanted Stephen and so the chairman and the board were willing to make such a big offer for him.

Big Fish Number Two – Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson was a different case. We always thought it would be a longshot. He had six months left on his contract but would still have required compensation for his services in the summer because he’s still under 24. We broke our transfer record in terms of the bid that we made to try and secure Adam because we felt if we could persuade him to come to Molineux he might have ten years with us. There was chat that Manchester United might have got involved and we knew of Manchester City’s interest having spoken to them. When push comes to shove it’s understandable a young player would be turned on by a club like Manchester City. If he does well there the world is his oyster so we’re disappointed but not surprised. We did everything we could to try and persuade the club to part with those players and I actually believe we offered more than Manchester City have actually paid for Adam.

Big Fish Number Three – Robbie Keane

The fans should also know that we did try and entice Robbie Keane to come back on loan to Molineux for the remainder of the season. We’ve been thwarted not because Robbie didn’t want to come or because Tottenham didn’t want to do business. It would have been expensive but we think we could have given Tottenham an offer which they would have been happy with. In the end, being a Celtic fan, the pull of Parkhead was just too much so good luck to Robbie.

There were also some small fishes in the pond that Wolves didn’t care much about

We’ve been inundated with offers from agents and clubs asking if we’d be interested in this player or that player. What Mick was not prepared to do – supported by us – was to take players that wouldn’t have improved the squad. The fans may think there was somebody that could have helped us in regards the positions that needed filling but there was nobody that Mick felt was right for us to go for. There were a number of Championship players or foreign players who we could have taken but felt it was better to buy wisely rather than just for the sake of it.”

Mick is happy with the squad we have got and we are involved in process of evolution in terms of building a team to compete at this level. We wanted to add some experience but it just hasn’t been possible. We will always try and carry on improving the squad – the chairman is totally committed to bringing in the right type of players and is prepared for us to pay the sort of money necessary. But what we’re not going to do is go completely crazy and say pay out £10m for Stephen Hunt.

We hope that the players we have got will continue to perform well and get better as they more experienced and do enough to keep us in the division – we are confident that they can.”

I find it very satisfying that Jez Moxey took his time to explain the Wolves strategy and doings in the transfer window. Too much speculations and conspiracy theories are swimming around now and I hope – but am not sure at all – that they will stop now and that the club can continue to do their main work – namely play football and arrange games.

Up The Wolves!

Paddytheflea (fish-lover) 😆


~ by paddytheflea on February 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jez Moxey about the Three Big Fishes that got away”

  1. Well I was wrong with the Robbie keane news and also about Moxey not coming out with an explanation, so I put my hands up, well done Jez!
    It comes as a very welcome change that the club has for once explained the reasons why certain transfers or attempted bids did not come off. This I fully appreciate!
    If this can now become club policy for the future, many Wolves fans, including myself will not have any reason to complain about transfers etc which failed to happen whereas keeping everyone in the dark only gives fans the impression that all is not as it seems.

    • I agree. They should come out like this more often afterwards. It’s understandable that they don’t do it while the deals are still in progress, though

  2. Why didn’t we go for Owen?

  3. After watching the Palace disgrace it certainly puts moxey`s comments into perspective.Justification for spending no money in january, an example I intend to follow the clubs example when the early bird renewal drops onto my mat.

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