Wolves lost with 3-1 against Crystal Palace in the Cup

Wolves lost with three goals to one in a shocking defeat in the FA cup against Crystal Palace. Butterfield managed to score a hat-trick from the 62nd to the 68th minute.

What went wrong? Did Wolves play bad or Crystal Palace well? Or both? An analysis of the game will probably come later.
For now I can only say that I’m very depressed and that it was an awful match. The match turned in Palaces favour when Wolves changed formation from 4-5-1 with Vokes at top to 4-4-2 with Ebanks-Blake and Iwelumo up top and after Craddock injured the Eagles striker Lee with an elbow in the head. I think both these facts changed the match to the worse for the Wolves side.

It stands very clear though, that the Championship team wanted to win this game much more than the Premier League team. McCarthy (left?) did not succeed to make the players understand the importance of this cup game or to make them understand that their better technical skills would have no impact at all for the outcome of this kind of match. Or maybe he didn’t understand that himself?!


P.S. Highlights from the match in the right sidebar under ‘Videos, Highlights as usual.D.S.

Palace: Speroni, Clyne, Hill, Danns, Derry (capt), Davis, Lawrence, Carle (Comley 84), Ambrose, Lee (Andrew 75), Butterfield (Djiali 88).

Unused subs: Scannell, Wynter, Mann.

Bookings: Derry (27 – foul), Lee (31 – dissent).

Wolves: Hennessey, Stearman, Zubar, Milijaš, Craddock, Berra, Foley, Henry (capt), Vokes (Iwelumo 59), Mancienne (Jones 76), Mujangi (Ebanks-Blake 59).


~ by paddytheflea on February 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Wolves lost with 3-1 against Crystal Palace in the Cup”

  1. We were so bad, I dont think that I have seen such a poor performance from us. Well done to Palace, they deserved to win.

  2. I right now feel comfort in the though that it was a benefit-football show to help Palace in their walk through the desert – in administration and without a Moses to guide them.

    But the Wolves helped them to find a butterfield in that desolated area. That will win us points in the future. Maybe our luck will be better in the rest of the league games.

  3. Well, we cant play that bad on Sunday or we will get battered !

  4. You cant polish a turd paddy. Birmingham have mercy on our Souls.

  5. Just wrote an article here with that meaning, Ad Mant. It is time for us to receive charity now! You can’t keep giving all the time. They have to see to our needs on Saturday. 😆

  6. We were shocking and I think you are right Paddy that there appeared to be a lack of any appetite for the game througout the Wolves team last night. Perhaps more fundamentally, as I have mentioned before, I believe there is a real problem with confidence and self-belief across much of the team. The team don’t seem to be believe they can win a game; hold on to a lead; come back when they are losing; hold on to or successfully pass the ball; score…the list is endless! Somebody (maybe a good sports psychologist) needs to remind them that they are a decent bunch of players, can more than compete with a fair number of the teams in the Premiership, and instill a sense of footballing drive and ambition which seems to have deserted Wolves in recent weeks. Roll on the Birmingham game and hopefully a much improved performance.

  7. There is a fundamental difference between a Cup match and a League match, oldkentbloke. It’s like between a street fight and a ring fight. And Wolves are not made for street fights any more.

    They once were, but that is not to the benefit in the Premier League so we don’t have many of those street-fighters in the team any more. Maybe we should have a couple, though.

    But Saturday will be a competely different game. And Hahnemann, Doyle and Jarvis will be back. Three of our very best players. Take out the three best players in any Premier team and they will struggle. Just look at Liverpool!

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