Wolves was interested in signing Robbie Keane

ESPN yesterday night revealed that Wolves were one of the clubs that actually tried to sign the Tottenham star striker Robbie Keane.

Many Premier League clubs showed their interest for Robbie during the transfer window, but the deal couldn’t be made until it was clear that Roman Pavluychenko was to stay at Tottenham and that the club got additional strikers in.

It is not known how far Wolves did go in the bidding war or if Tottenham or Robbie Keane was ever interested in making a deal to loan him out to Wolves. Hopefully McCarthy or Moxey can reveal this now that the transfer window has closed and Robbie have signed for Celtic.

The deal with Celtic is a loan until seasons end with no option of signing permanently. Celtic didn’t have the clearance from the owners to go through with it until late yesterday, they reveal in an interview with ESPN. So maybe a move to Wolves were closer than we can imagine.

Sadly imagination is all the supporters have left after this transfer window. As I mentioned yesterday the hopes for signings were high among the Wolves supporters – despite Mick McCarthy saying that it was possible that we would get no more players in at all after the two from Charleroi.

But there are also supporters that recognises that when Kightly, Edwards and later on Keogh are coming back from injury they will be like new signings and lift the team. I agree with that standpoint and think that we will be just alright with the squad we’ve got.

But it will be a very hard relegation fight and nobody can tell the outcome of it today. You can count points and predict results until you are blue in the face, but the beauty of the sport and the reason we all are following it and betting on it, is that it is unpredictable and there will always be room for surprises. Like our victory over Tottemham away for instance – the team of Robbie Keane.



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3 Responses to “Wolves was interested in signing Robbie Keane”

  1. I also agree with the club’s standpoint. What more could we have done? Everyone would have agreed that Hunt would have improved us, but I’m sure no-one would have sanctioned us going over 5 million for him. I understand we also tried to spend even more money on the likes of Adam Johnson, but lets get a reality check here – players of that level are not going to sign for a club that is flirting with relegation, so lets get real, Wolves fans – stop knocking the club – the January window is a notorious minefield – only 30 million has been spent throughout, which shows how hard it is to do business. – We need to get behind the lads for the rest of the season and if we can stay up, there will be much better business to be done in the summer.

  2. Fair comments ‘Razor’ particularly about Hunt but I must take to task the point ‘there will be much better business to be done in the Summer’ – do you really believe that Wolves will seriously do business in the Summer? IF and it’s a big IF, that business takes place, it will surely be in the Championship because that seems to be where are heading!
    All the clubs around us brought in players, even West Ham who are £100M in debt! Wolves are debt free but not one player wanted to come to Molineux and that includes an 18yo at a club almost in administration – what does that tell you?
    I believe there are a number of reasons why players will not come to Molineux and they are, in no particular order:-
    Mick McCarthy – Pay Championship salaries for PL players – No ambition within the club and only attempting to buy players from clubs in financial difficulties, ie on the cheap! – Want to pay transfer fees for experienced PL players well below the ‘going rate’ and for that reason clubs will not release them – A number of players will play only a handful of matches per season because McCarthy has his ‘favourites’ who are ‘nailed-on’ to play each and every game, in form or out of form, ability or no ability.
    Now Mick McCarthy may seem a strange reason but I am sure many players still remember the Roy Keane affair and perhaps wonder how they may be treated if signing for Wolves?
    The Robbie Keane “late news” is surely a smokescreen and has been mentioned purely as a means of passifying the fans but I don’t believe a word of it and neither will the majority of Wolves either!
    IF it is true, let Jez Moxey issue a full Wolves statement about all the players Wolves made contact about and the outcome of those contacts. The clubs involved won’t be displeased by the disclosures as no business between them and Wolves took place.
    Somehow though I don’t think Wolves or Moxey will grace the fans with any form of announcement, letting the fans believe everything they are told – we are not as stupid as they think!
    Wolves will be going nowhere with the current board and owner (who is still hankering for a chance to buy Liverpool) in control.
    The passion for the club shown by the fans is not echoed by the board irrespective of their ramblings to the contrary and Wolves history will remain just that, history, for the future offers little or no hope of ever seeing those days return for either young or old.
    With the transfer window now closed, Championship football would seem to beckon for next season – So thanks the 3M’s in advance – Once again you have let us down and how many more times must it happen before you obtain a grasp of what the Premier League is all about and how you must move heaven and earth to stay in it!

    • I just want to flick in that the Robbie Keane rumour came from ESPN and not from Wolves. You are a not so good conspiracy theorist, Disgrunted Wolf. And your belief that Morgan still looks to buy Liverpool is nothing but laughable.

      Sadly though, your views are shared by many Wolves supporters today. I believe they are underestimating Wolves players and overestimating other teams players. Don’t forget that we did beat Tottenham with Robbie Keane and that Wolves have played excellent against many other top teams.

      I believe that Wolves have a very good football team today with excellent players that can keep us in the Premier League. And that Mccarthy is a very good football manager.

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