Wolves in Charity Match against Crystal Palace

Wolves yesterday played in a charity game against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. They knew that if they let Palace win the London club would benefit greatly and get about £500.000 in TV-rights and revenues in the nextcoming round of the Cup.

Some of the Wolves supporters on the stands even took off their shirts to celebrate and support their less fortunate brothers from the South London club.

That was to show that they were with them in their crossing of the desert. They even had their mascot with them – Sam The Eagle (left) – walking the sideline to demonstrate their solidarity with Crystal Palace – The Eagles.

A walk in the desert after the administration of the club and the deduction of ten points in the Championship. A walk in the desert without the victorious Moses – that would have been their leader out of wilderness and despair, but was sold to Wigan just before the game.

Wolves helped them and showed them the Butterfields so they could prosper and get a meal. I am proud of our contribution in a difficult time for our brothers from South London. These are difficult times and everybody should be prepared to lend a helping hand. Give water to the thirsting and goals to the ones who really needs them.

Because someday we will be the ones that will need help from our brothers. Starting on Saturday against Birmingham!



~ by paddytheflea on February 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Wolves in Charity Match against Crystal Palace”

  1. Hilarious and very clever! Your boys didn’t really look too bothered. Still, you’re in the Prem and we’re not so good luck to you.
    Bazza-Palace fan in Bournemouth

  2. Just glad that we could be of help to them in their time of need.

  3. Over the years Wolves have been a shining light for us!! Whether it be letting us thrash them at home 4-1 in the cup in the 90’s, handing us their top spot in the league with a 1-0 win at Molineux back in 2001, letting us go to Wembley instead of you by letting Dougie get a decisive consolation goal in the playoff second leg, or even playing a Hells Angel lookalike called De Wolf, who scored two goals for us in a game whilst wearing a Wolves shirt? But the fact that you took it upon yourselves to field 11 of the worst players i have ever witnessed in two consecutive games in the cup this year, was beyond the level of kindness we had even anticipated. I can’t say we were surpirsed that we won, but the fact that Mick has clearly spent the last two years assembling a squad so bad that he was capable of fielding such an inept eleven against us twice and not even being accused of fielding a weakened team was a stroke of genious! I will be writing to the club personally and suggesting we provide you with free tickets for the league game at Selhurst next year as a gesture of our thanks for a guarentted further three points from our golden friends!!!! You’re charity, has and always will be welcome!!! Yours sincerely ‘a rather hung over’ Danny Butterfiled.

    • Thank you, Danny!
      I’m so moved over this answer so I really don’t know what to say. What a gratitude! Yes. Mick and our current owner David Morgan is very much into charity and the boys in the team has really done their very best over the years. Keep your faith that we will be coming to your rescue in the future as well.


  4. What odds we take part in another charity event on Sunday.

  5. Yes, but this time we will be in the receiving end, mike p.

  6. Good work Paddy. Made me smile.

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