Wolves on list of interested to sign Aruna Dindane from Portsmouth

Just when I and everybody else thought that the rumours of transfers were over, as the window has been closed, another one pops up.

French club Lens are getting angry at Portsmouth for not getting any money for their striker Aruna Dindane. (read Paddy’s presentation of Dindane earlier HERE) They demand a payment for him or he leaves. The Ivory Coast World Cup striker will quit Fratton Park if the £3.5million due for his transfer is not received, writes Daily Mirror today.

Dindane and Lens will go to FIFA – and the Barclays Premier League – in a bid to find a new club in England next week, despite the window being shut and argue that these are exceptional circumstances and they are losing out on a lot of money.

Lens believe they have a very strong case and are ready to take Dindane away from Portsmouth and try to push ahead with a sale to a rival club, with , Wolves, Blackburn, Birmingham, Stoke and Bolton all reported to be interested in signing him.

In the window, Dindane missed out on moves to Blackburn and Birmingham before the window shut and they both may come back into the equation now.

FIFA would have to make a ruling on any new move, of course, and I’m not sure that a move for Dindane will be an option for them. But clearly this sounds like a reason for Lens to ask the club into administration. But Dindane coming to wolves is a very long shot – Birmingham or Blackburn are possibly first in line – but sometimes even long shots score. 😆



~ by paddytheflea on February 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Wolves on list of interested to sign Aruna Dindane from Portsmouth”

  1. you gotta be joking Paddy, Jez converted the transfer kitty into bonuses for himself, steve and the rest of the board in December already…

    i bet steve morgan cant believe the return on investment he is getting from £10 … wish i’d had the foresight – i too had £10 to spend and well capable of bullshitting the public about spending 30 mil on players

    • I didn’t know that. I’m glad that you didn’t buy the club. But you’re right about you being good at bullshitting.

  2. wow ! a bit harsh on your only reader …

  3. 😆
    Actually 827 readers have logged in directly to this article until now, Ad Mant. And a lot of people read it from the main page. But you are the only one voicing an opinion, and I thank you for that. But I don’t have to agree with your conspiracy theories.

    And I know that Morgan is not in it for the money. He loves football and want to give some back to the sport. Most people we meet in life are actually people who wants to do good. And many are. But everythng is open for critique. But try to be impartial and base it on facts. Not fiction.

  4. Well, honestly I think that if we bid 5 million for Stephen Hunt, and got nothing back, we might as well bid around 5 million to make sure we get this guy, so he can replace Ebanks-Blake, who used to be my hero, and who now I hate for missing so many opportunities.

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