Probable Starting XI’s: Birmingham City vs Wolves

It’s been a lousy week and my mood is still a bit down. But the Cup is over and it is – as always – a completely different thing to the league.

The cup is to football as street fighting is to ring boxing. Therefore there are now conclusions to be drawn from the terrible display by Wolves against Palace. Just forget it. At lest that is what I have tried to do.

Wolves has a rematch to claim against Birmingham. At Molineux Bowyer scored after just three minutes of play and the match was practically over. Against a team of bone heard never say die defenders a Wolves team who have scored the least amount of goals in the Premier League didn’t stand a chance.

But now it is a new game and our players are warned and a few games wiser. But we started a run for Birmingham with a lot of matches without losing. They have only lost one game – against Chelsea – in their last fourteen or something.

You see. I’m still in a negative mood and I find it really hard to snap out of it and see any chances to win against this Birmingham team. They have played the same starting eleven for the latest twelve matches as well. Do they have some kind of guardian angel in their club, protecting them from getting injuries? And how come they don’t need to rotate while it is a must for Wolves, mr McCarthy? Tell me that. Please! Are they steel-men? They should all be injured now according to the theories of the Wolves official line.

Birmingham have strengthened their team with two quality players in the January window. Michel – a hard midfielder who is a good passer in the Mascherano mould from Sporting de Gijón – for £3.5m. and Craig Gardner – left over but talented right back from Villa – for about the same sum.

They will probably both play against Wolves. If it was not for these long row of matches without losing and changing the starting eleven i would guess that both of them would start to test their wings with an easy game against Wolves (sorry, I’m at it again) but now they will start on the bench. And according to the reports so will the old striker Phillips.

Wolves have also strengthened the squad during the January window, says Mick McCarthy. Not many believe in that after watching one of our two on loan signings from Charleroi in Belgium against Palace. They are not tested enough for me to house an opinion yet, but I would be very surprised if they were shown to be in the same high quality as we already know that the signings of Birmingham City are. They will, though, probably be on the bench as well.

So I don’t really believe in any surprises for the starting elevens for either of the teams. I still have problems with my professional team sheets – but I will put out one with a 4-3-3-formation for Wolves – the formation the official site say Wolves are playing today (but I really believe it’s better described as a 4-1-4-1 with Mancienne in the holding role and Doyle alone at the top).

Here are the probable starting elevens:


~ by paddytheflea on February 5, 2010.

11 Responses to “Probable Starting XI’s: Birmingham City vs Wolves”

  1. Hope the gaffer will replace Foley with Berra. Then we’ve got a decent team

  2. No, I meant Bia

  3. Berra right wing??Or do you mean put Foley ahead of Berra, with Zubar centre back and Foles right back. I hope that#s what you mean.

    agree with the team apart from Jones, will most likely be Mancienne inthat team somewhere

  4. Oh ok Karl. you scared me for a sec!

  5. Sorry Karl and Louie (and all others).
    I made some errors on the sheet. I’ve changed it now.
    I’ve got some kind of influensa with fewer so I can’t think clear.

    About Bia I believe that he probable will come in later on from the bench if we don’t take the lead in the match. But my hope for that signing is not very great. But I really hope he will surprise me. I sure could need a lift right now!

  6. Would prefer to see Foley back at right back and also Stearman for Berra (he’s been poor since his awkward fall) – I would drop Zubar as he will either score an own goal or give away a penalty! Put Mendez-Laing on the wing and replace Henry with Surman to give us some pace in a counter attack

    • I agree that Berra has not been himself since the fall, but I see Stearman as a big security risk. No way he is better than Berra as a central defender in my opinion..

      Mendez-Laing in the right wing position is a very interesting proposition. I second that.

      I don’t think Surman is tough enough to take the Henry role yet, but I could be wrong. Henry is blowing hot and cold, but he seem to play better with Jones than with Milijas.

  7. Would rather Milijas than Jones but I fear you are right. Mick refuses to play Nenad more than 60 minutes every two weeks

    • I’m unsure about who Mick will play. He could chose Milijas. But Milijas played the whole game against Palace so I guess it’s Jones turn. And Jones have not played much since he came back so he should get better and better. Maybe it’s his turn to step up and score against B’ham!

  8. I really hope the 4-1-4-1 formation doesn’t become the default formation for most future games. Acknowledging the injuries we have, etc, it just feels overwhelmingly uninspiring and the balance of the side in this formation is poor (playing Foley out of position is one obvious example). I know I will get shot down for this, but I’d rather we went 4-4-2 with SEB to play up front with Doyle. I know that probably sounds mad, but I think we need to stick with the guy because he will come good. I also believe that unless we get SEB back in the squad and firing, we will not stay up. Scraping the odd draw here and there with 4-1-4-1 will not be enough to save us. Vokes, Hoff and Iwelumo will only ever play bit parts in the fight to keep us up this season. Good shout Jed about ML (at least until Kightly gets back and fully fit) and please get Foley back to RB. Also Milijas for Jones every time – well at least until he gets puffed out!

  9. Please God no, I hope you are wrong about your team forecast Paddy because if not I can forecast a nice little snooze at about 1.30 p.m. on sunday and sadly a 1-0 or 2-0 defeat.Now is the time to be brave and have a go at one of the premier leagues meanest defences, believe me if we do then we will win and then hopefully kick start our push up the table.

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