Mick McCarthy: a point would be a good point. But we go there trying to win the game

Manager Mick McCarthy talked about the Birmingham City game to the Wolves World Player and Paddy have tried to transcribe parts of it for you below.

They’ve had more clean sheets than us. They’ve got one of the best records on the defensive. If you’re not scoring loads of goals then you have to make sure you gonna keep clean sheets. (…) If we’re gonna have to rely on scoring three goals to win a game it will make life difficult for any Premiership team.

At the moment they’ve got the balance right. They are hard to beat and if they remain that and stay in games they always lightly to nick a goal, because they have some good players.

Mick gets the question of the difference between the teams. What makes Birmingham better at keeping clean sheets and collecting points?

They may have had…well they have a bit more experience in the team. That’s no question about that. Steven Carr and Ridgewell you’ve certainly got experience there. Two centre-halves, Dunn and Johnson. They’ve been excellent. I never doubted they would’nt be I have to be honest. Ferguson, playing in the middle of the park, with his partner…Lee… Both very experienced players. Larson – wide right – very experienced in the Premiership. McFadden – experienced in the Premiership. Cameron Jerome I think got twelve months, didn’t he? So they got more experience than we, that’s no question. And I think that’s helped them. Certainly.

Mick is asked if he is happy to get a draw and if he thinks that Birmingham is

No, we have to get enough points. How Birmingham thinks I don’t know. But if you look at their form and our form, than a point would be a good point. But we go there trying to win the game.

We’re going there to play our own game, that’s what we have to do. I’m not going to change our game to play anybody. We have changed the game in recent weeks and that has suited us and we’ve played well. Ironically we had more chances in last weeks game than we have had in ages. With one up front.

Mick looked a litle bit tired and torn in the video with the interview from yesterday. He got questions about the Palace game and said that he didn’t see it coming, as the team had played well before that against Hull and Liverpool.

He looked to envy the Birmingham teams defence and their experienced players – stating that as the reason for their success. And of course he is right. They have years of more experience than Wolves and it really is a sad thing that we didn’t manage to bring in more Premier League experience in the team in the two windows. Now it is too late.

I agree with McCarthy that it was a more stable team that played against Hull and Liverpool. The 4-1-4-1-formation works to stabilise the defence with Mancienne in front of the back four. But with a better back four and a better inner midfield we probably wouldn’t have to play that way and could have one more resource to put elsewhere in the team. As a suggestion at the top of the team structure.

But the stats shows that he really is correct when he say that we had more chances than in a long time against Hull and we didn’t lack them against Liverpool either. The wings are in fact working very well at the moment, despite everybody saying that Foley is misplaced on the right wing.

There are better wingers, of course, but he did very well against Hull. He had three scoring attempts against Hull and created an attempt for the team. Jarvis on the other wing had two and created one. Against Liverpool Foley didn’t create anything going forward, but I believe he was more needed at defence in that game and adjusted to that.

If we can play against Birmingham as we did against Liverpool I would be pleased. I think that you could compare B’ham to Liverpool in strength at the moment. They are at the same level. So it would absolutely be no shame if we get away with one point away to them. It would be an achievement.

Just look at the pundits and betting companies. Nobody think that Wolves will gain any points on Sunday, let alone win the game. But as a supporter you always have a hope of course. And with a player like Doyle up front Wolves are always posing a threat to any opposing team. And if we can close the doors in the back there is always a chance to nick al three points.

Up the Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on February 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mick McCarthy: a point would be a good point. But we go there trying to win the game”

  1. Mick is clearly confusing ‘experience’ for quality. When managers moan that other teams have done well due to ‘experienced players’ it really annoys me and it sounds quite pathetic to their supporters. did he not sign two guys from Belgium when he could have signed ‘experienced’ players.

  2. ill be happy with a point but we do need a win if look at it table its not looking good with us hanging at the bottom with derby match both teams will be looking for a win we need to win it
    mick needs to think how he can win it!

    UP The Wolves

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