Why, Oh Why, Kevin Phillips?!

(Well. Injury? It’s sickening, anyway. And he hurts us badly)

The former striker of West Bromwhich Albions and the current striker of Birmingham City, Kevin Phillips, was our nemesis as soo many times before, yesterday.

He has scored eleven goals against us throughout his career – starting with when he was playing for Watford and Sunderland and including a hat-trick for Southampton in 2003 and four in two games for West Brom during the 2006-2007 season. What has this man against Wolves and why is he always popping up in the last freaking minutes and score when he is on the opposite side?

I am not sure that I have an answer to that, but the now 36-year-old seem to find it very easy to play against Wolves and put the ball in our net. Why, Kevin, oh why?

Even the Birmingham City boss, McLeich, had noticed the fact and it seem to have been part of his reason to let him on to the pitch that he had done it before to us.

When he comes on as bright as he did today then there’s no better man in that box for you. Kevin has just got that natural ability, he’s a born finisher. He’s elusive in the box and difficult to pick up.

I knew his scoring record was very good against Wolves. I knew it was a weapon that had done damage to them in the past, and it has happened again, I am glad to say. I still feel he’s going to be a big impact player for us. I just think he’s better coming off the bench, but after today he probably deserves a start. I’ve got to consider the right tactics for the team but, if you get the ball into the box, Kevin will score.”

He knew it! And Phillips just happened to be injury free to this one match needing some game time. Should we buy that or ar we jinxed and is he our Nemesis. The Distroyer of all Old Gold and Black? What does he have to say about this himself? Why is he doing this to us? Just plain evil or is it something more?

My record is pretty good against them. They are probably fed up of me as you heard when I came on. Their fans booed me quite a bit. Players have teams you tend to score against in your career and, unfortunately for Wolves, it is them in my case.

I’m actually glad that we booed him. He deserved it! For past goals scored and…wait a little. The man is 36. He will probably not be around next season. But then again I think I said the same before he signed for Birmingham.

We should have signed him, of course. Already in 2002 we should have signed him. Even if he didn’t score a single goal for us and was sitting on the bench all the time it would have been an investment for the future and we would have been much better off than having him scoring against us in the opposing team all the time. Eleven goals! Why, Kevin? I still got no answer to that. Are you sent out by somebody? Is this the true mission of your life? To make life a misery for Wolves and us – their supporters. You are true – now blue – evil!

A more analytical investigation into the why would probably come to the conclusion that Phillips is a great goalscorer because he has a sense of where to be on the pitch. He is quick and he can turn and shoot in the same motion. He is good on the head, has a good shot and least but not last. He knows how to escape the marking of defenders.

Nobody really marked him against us. Does  he make himself invisible to the players in the opposing team? Is that within the rules of the game?  I saw him very clear, though, and tried to shout on our players. Well.

As the analysis above explains it, it is not that hard to understand that he scores some goals. But the question remains the same. Why us, Kevin?!

A Wolves supporter expresses what we all were feeling when he scored yesterday in the video below.


~ by paddytheflea on February 8, 2010.

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