Stephen Ward is playing with injury!

Stephen Ward is playing with injury, he reveals to the Wolves Official site today.

I’ve been playing with a swollen knee so I just needed an injection to help with the healing process. I had the injection last week after it was sore during the week and it was alright for the 90 minutes on Sunday.”

“I don’t need an operation or anything like that – it just took a while for the swelling to go down. The swelling has gone down a bit now which is nice and I felt good against Birmingham.”

It was there for everybody to see against Birmingham City, Sunday. He didn’t play at the same level as he used to. He had a hard time to stop the winger from coming through at his side and he should have just before Phillips scored their second in the 90th minute.

In my ratings for the Birmingham game (HERE) I gave him a historical low fiver and wrote:

Had a hard time on his side. Looks to be out of form. Maybe Stearman should play instead?!

If I knew then what I now know I would have blamed Mick McCarthy for starting Wardy in that game. He has said himself on several occasions that the players must be one hundred percent fit to play a game in the Premier League. That was his defense for resting players against Manchester United and at other occasions as well.

I know that Mick thinks that Wardy is a tough guy, he have said that he recovers fast after injury and all that. But clearly the injury affected Stephen Ward’s performance and the whole team performance against Birmingham.

I also know that it is very common for players to play with injections to take away the pain if they have had a knock and if the injury is not getting worse by playing. But not when it is influencing the performance.

But I can understand that mistakes are made. That’s only human. And it is not easy to deny a player that wants to play and is as important to the team as Wardy. But if he is injured he must rest. That is what i expect McCarthy to do know. Wardy would struggle to stop David Bentley in Tottenham – one of the best in Spurs against Villa – when he is 100%. And if he is only eighty Bently will have a field day.



~ by paddytheflea on February 9, 2010.

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