Zubar claims that he learned from mistake

Ronald Zubar claims that he has learned from the mistake and that it is important not to make any individual mistakes in an interview that is on the Official Wolves site today.

The Hull game was a mistake by me. The gaffer spoke with me afterwards and told me I couldn’t carry on doing that. It was maybe that after we had equalised I was just so keen and excited to try and get the ball that I made the mistake.”

“But I have to learn from it, and work in training and matches to make sure I don’t do it again. It’s important for all of us not to make individual mistakes. Sometimes the team has played well but there have been mistakes which have cost us. We all need to concentrate for 90-95 minutes and stay in the game and not make any mistakes.

I don’t want to rub it in, but Zubar has clearly not learned from it, making exactly the same mistake with two hands on an opponents back in the dying minutes of the match against Birmingham City. The only difference was that the referee did not react on it.

I hope that he will get another ‘speak’ from McCarthy about this before the match tonight and that he really will better himself this time. Because Ronald Zubar has actually been one of Wolves better players lately and he is very active in the attacks. Three scoring attempts against Birmingham and also ten clearances are good stats for our right back.



~ by paddytheflea on February 10, 2010.

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