Player Ratings and analysis: Wolves vs Tottenham

Can we please play Tottenham every week?!! That’s the obvious question after Wolves brilliant display tonight – a convincing and just victory against a team that aspire to play in the Champions League next season.

How come then that Wolves have been victorious twice against Tottenham this season? Well, you only have to read the article I wrote after our last victory against them (HERE). There I pointed out the importance of the first goal and that everybody ‘puts a shift in’.

But that is of course not the whole truth. The team was very well composed today – as it was last time we met them. Despite that we only had six of the players starting that played against Tottenham in December. That is a good evidence that many of our players are of the best quality. Something that some backbiters among the supporters haven’t realised. And some of the pundits as well, mind you.

But let’s not forget our opponents for the night. Tottenham has problems in the midfield. For some reason these multimillion players don’t work well together. Perhaps they are not ready to ‘put in a shift’? But it seem that they are not creative enough either. Or maybe not used to the close marking of the Wolves players.

Mick McCarthy talks a lot about the team in his post match interview on the Official Wolves site.

“We’ve got endeavour and team spirit and togetherness and if we do lack other things that’s never in doubt. We deserved the victory and so much of it was down to teamwork that the lads showed.”

He is totally right. It was obvious when watching them play that they did everything for each other and also that the passing game between them worked better than in most matches this season. And this is of course something that supporters and pundits tends to miss out on commenting – something that I’ve mentioned before.

Maybe it’s because of the composition of the midfield that the play seem to function much better. With Henry in the holding role Wolves looks more stable in the back and admittedly he is not our best midfielder going forward.

And David Jones is a fantastic box-to-box player with a very good technique and eye for the game. You can watch his goal below ‘Videos, Highlights in the right margin as usual.

And Adlène Guedioura offers something else, as I wrote in my portrait of him after the Birmingham game (HERE). He is good at the deep through passes and he is also a good tackler. And this was his first match from start. Seem to become a very good signing by Wolves!

When the inner midfield clicks for Wolves the team as a whole plays well. That is obvious to me. Perhaps because it is in this part of the team we have had problems during this season. All other parts have done alright.

Well. Over to the ratings, then. Not a single player was underperforming in this game and Mick McCarthy gets a tenner. I gave him that after the Tottenham game last time as well. 😆

Hahnemann – 7 – Didn’t have too much to do really, but made four saves. Was in trouble a couple of times but sorted it out.

Zubar – 8 – Did no mistakes this time and worked like hell in both directions. I like his type of player.

Craddock – 8 – Didn’t see him making a single mistake in this game.

Berra – 7 – Better than in the last matches. Almost Craddock-class. Our central defenders did not go forward like they use to. They did not need that with the midfield we have now and the central defence became stronger and not overrun.

Ward – 6 – As I said in a previous article it shows that he is not totally recovered yet. Today he played only for an hour – a good decision by Mick. But he did his job when he was on.

Elokobi -7 – Came in last 30 and then some for Ward. Made seven clearances when Ward did four on double the time. He is a no-nonsense left back and he is Premier League material!

Foley – 7 – As good as in the last matches. Never seem to make a poor game. Brilliant at the end of the game when holding up the ball together with Doyle. Played more defense in this match than against Birmingham. That may be a key to our dominance on midfield.

Henry – 7 – He has found his role as a defensive midfielder in my opinion. More mature than Mancienne – who is not bad in the role.

Jones – 8 – Made the goal and scored it. A hard working man with an eye for the game and he goes together well with Henry. Made two clearances as well. A box-to-box player who probably will play in the starting eleven for the rest of the season – if not rested by Mick if matches comes close to one another.

Guedioura – 7 – Surprise start, at least for me. But very sensitive by Mick. Had three scoring attempts and tackles often. A hard player to meet for the timid Tottenham midfield. I like him!

Jarvis – 8 – Had a knock and had to go out after 80 minutes. Before that he was brilliant. Always a threat going forward and his cross found Jones in the middle. Could have scored himself as well. Tottenham could never be sure to catch him. Should have had a penalty as well. He is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match.

Doyle – 8 – Fantastic performance again. One of the best forwards in the Premier League. Almost certain the hardest working. He holds the ball up perfectly, is brilliant when it comes to taking the ball down and a fast runner. Close to getting through and score on a couple of occasions. Next time it will be a brace! He has earned it.

A very good night!



~ by paddytheflea on February 11, 2010.

10 Responses to “Player Ratings and analysis: Wolves vs Tottenham”

  1. Absolutely superb result and a very well deserved victory against a high quality Spurs team.Guedioura`s debut was of note, a performance of powerful tackling,running and some excellent passing, I think we have uncovered a potential gem here. Well done Wolves and well done Mick, bring on the new four year contract.

  2. Well done Wolves…lets get behind MM and his warriors! Guedioura has made us stronger …Bring back Kightly and Keough and I see Wolves will be ok….Come on you Wolves….

  3. Excellent result last night ! A solid all round performance from the team. If Guedioura is supposed to be a defensive midfielder it did not show last night, he look very good pushing forward. Dave Jones has finally settled in and looks a very decent player. Well done lads !

    • I think both Henry and Guedioura played a little behind the other midielders. Henry a little to the left and Guedi a little to the right. It could be described as a 4-2-3-1-formation. But both of them went forward on several occasions. So they really are box-to-box-players.

      It is possible that Guedioura was fed up with his defensive role at Charleroi. It is said in several articles in French on the net that he had an argument with their manager about something. It may very well be about his position. He is really powerful going forward and a good defender as well. And this is probably only the beginning!

  4. Another cracking show from the Wolves. This time with reward.

    451 certainly plays a lot more to our strengths and with Jarvis, Adlene, Milijas all posing good attacking threat I shouldnt think we’ll be in a hurry to change it.

    Keogh is another payer who will fit into this formation really well, and his playmaking will undoubtedly create more opps for Doyle.

    Think Zubar is still too erratic – and gives away too many fouls but if we keep up this work rate and quality we will give this survival thing a real good go.


    • Zubar is very young, Ad Mant, and still learning. I think he is much better than Stearman in the position and Foley is doing a good job in the RW. But in a match it is often really hard to make out if Foley or Zubar is playing RW or RB. They combine a lot and when Zubar goes forward Foley covers up at back. I think it works brilliantly.

  5. Fantastic result and performance. Now hopefully people will lay off Mick McCarthy – people seem to forget how many managers tried and failed to get us promoted yet he came in and built a team from the dregs left by Hoddle and almost did it 3 years running! They also seem to forget how many of our key players have been injured for long spells this season.

    • Most supporters has a memory that lasts about a week or the last match, Chris. But it’s still better than a goldfish. Fleas, though, have excellent memories. 😆

  6. By the way that goal vs Tottenham – if Arsenal had scored that we’d all be reading in the newspapers about what a fantastic goal it was!

    • Hmm. You wrote yesterday exactly the same as Henry says in an interview with the Official site today. Are you Henry in disguise, ‘Chris’? 😆

      Or maybe Henry read your comment on Paddytheflea and thought it was so brilliantly put that he used it in the interview? 😆

      Or – the third and most possible alternative – both of you have read it from a third source. Most people go through life without thinking a single original thought. Try to think an orignial thought – it is not easy. 😆

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