Adlène Guedioura – born in the wrong place

Adlène Guedioura – the midfielder that Wolves signed from Charleroi in January – played very well against Tottenham and The Express & Star have published an interview with him.

I have to be happy with my performance, but it’s only one match and I’ve got to be consistent if I’m going to be a success here. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I do what I can and if I can help, then great. I can’t say I can be the difference in us staying up, because the difference will be us all pulling together as a team.

But the more I play, hopefully the better I will get. I want to show the manager and the fans that I’m good enough to stay here. It’s not my decision, because I have to show what I can do on the pitch to earn the contract.

I haven’t found the Premier League too difficult, but the level is much higher than the Belgian league and the tempo is very quick. You have to work very hard to do well, but I enjoy it because of the way everyone battles for everything.

I think that Adlène is as cut out to play for a British club. He was probably born in the wrong country. But now he is here. He is strong and well built and he tackles a lot. Five tackles – according to the stats – against Tottenham is more than any other player on the pitch (but he did win only three. place for improvement).

With him in the team together with Henry, Wolves can afford a player like Jones or Milijas to do his magic going forward from the middle in a 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1-formation, as against Tottenham. Congratulations to Mick McCarthy who knew what he was looking for to get a more balanced team and to the scouts (Taff?) who found Guedioura.


A video tribute to Guedioura’s performance in the Tottenham game by Dzalgerian:


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4 Responses to “Adlène Guedioura – born in the wrong place”

  1. Plus plus…. MM also singles out Bia as a result of successful scouting, so I guess he’s done well on training and its just a matter of time before he get some matches for our first team. Bia didn’t play for the reserves last match.

    • I think Mujangi is for the future, but I can be wrong. He is some years younger than Adlène and doesn’t have the same awereness at all on the pitch. Much to learn there. And I don’t know if he ‘was supposed to subb’. I think that Milijas was the obvious choice at that time, with ten minutes left and a lead.

  2. Wonder if this Guedioura, with his work rate, will bring us back to 4-4-2 eventually or if we’ll stay 4-5-1. As a norwegian I have got nothing against 4-5-1. If one has the right players it can be a deadly effective formation. I remember back to the 90’s when the norwegian national team was rated nr. 2 on the fifa ranking list.
    :=))) And it can happen again, as Egil “Drillo” Olsen, the former national manager has returned.

    • Aaaah. The manager with the Wellingtons is back! Were you really really ranked second?! Amazing!

      Yes, I support the 4-5-1-formation if it’s carried out in the right way and if the teams has the wingers and the strength in the middle that is needed. And with what I have seen of Guedi so far, it is very possible that he could act as one of two inners midfielders in a 4-4-2 as well – especially against the teams in our ‘mini-league’.

      Good luck with ‘Drillo’, Karl! Haven’t heard much of Norway in football lately, but maybe you will have another Golden Age. I know of some young players – one named Wolf – that I have written about.

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