Big Chris Iwelumo to Bristol City!

Sources from Wolves message boards tonight says that the Wolves striker Chris Iwelumo is going out on-loan to Bristol City in the Championship.

Daily Mail has joined in and say that the loan is on one month only – at least to start with.

I am not so sure that this is a smart move by Mick McCarthy. The Hoff and Sam Vokes are the players for the future in Wolves and if they can not get playing time their development will be hindered They should be the ones to go out on loan instead in my opinion.

On the other side it is of course an economical side of it as well and if Bristol City wants Iwelumo and Wolves don’t plan to use him it is good for both parties.

The source on the message board also mentions that there have been clubs wanting to sign bot Ebanks-Blake and David Jones on loan, but that the club have said no.



~ by paddytheflea on February 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Big Chris Iwelumo to Bristol City!”

  1. I certainly hope this is not true.For pities sake we needed to sign a striker not send one out on loan. If it is a cost saving excercise then that is a very damning condemnation on wolves ambition.Should that be the real reason then we would do better to send Kevin Doyle out on loan as we would save more on wages.

  2. This is a good move, Chris needs to play football and get some pitch time in. He is way down the list, behind SEB, Vokes and the Hoff. This is nothing to do with the economy of the club.
    Mike P – send Doyle out on loan?? Your having a laugh and obviously not right in the head ! :-p

  3. This has been officially announced to Bristol City supporters via SMS, however nothing on the official sites of either side still. I received my SMS at 7:30pm last night (Friday)

  4. Sending Iwelumo out to Bristol City IS a good move!
    For once McCarthy has put his thinking cap on and reached a good decision.
    Iwelumo has not been playing due to his prolongued injury and when he did return has not played more than the odd 10 minutes here and there. With a glut of big matches coming along, we need all our players firing and not stagnating on the bench or in the stands.
    Vokes and Hoffmaier have not played very much either it has to be said but in Vokes’ case he is still relatively inexperienced whilst Hoffmaier is a newcomer to the Uk and may well still be adjusting? Iwelumo getting playing time will bring his fitness back to a decent level meaning he could replace Doyle for a few games to give him the rest he surely needs, after all he is doing a hell of a lot of donkey work in the 4-5-1 formation! Remember the end of the season is going to be a tough one and we will need everyone man-jack of them to produce the goods if we are to avoid relegation.
    Good call McCarthy!

  5. Yes Sevlow I was having a laugh, how clever of you to have spotted it,I bet you get irony as well don`t you. Of course I am off my head, after all these years watching the wolves what else could I be.

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