Sir Alex Ferguson has pinpointed Mark Davies to replace Paul Scholes

Rumours has it that Liverpool FC and Manchester United are very interested in former Wolves midfielder Mark Davies.

According to News Of The World the two top four teams scouts watched Davies play against Manchester City last week and they will follow him this afternoon in the FA Cup with eyes wide open.

Mark Davies – tragically passed over by Mick McCarthy last season – didn’t get much chances for the former Bolton manager Gary Megson, but he gets much more playing time with Owen Coyle in charge. And he has done very well lately.

News Of The World believes that it is the new rules next season for clubs to have a minimum of eight English players in a 25-man squad that is part of the reason behind Liverpool and United looking for young English talents.

Sir Alex Fergusson is also interested in finding a replacement for Paul Scholes and Mark Davies is said to be pinpointed for that role and Rafa Benitez want to add some creativity to his midfield.

It looks like the real experts of football have found a target. I’m not surprised. I’m glad for Mark Davies if this rumour is true. And I’m trying very hard not to have any other feelings than love for the management of Wolves on a day like this – despite them letting a gem like Mark slip between their fingers.



~ by paddytheflea on February 14, 2010.

15 Responses to “Sir Alex Ferguson has pinpointed Mark Davies to replace Paul Scholes”

  1. Not so much passed over my MM but he was out long term injured, when he was fit again he wanted to move. I was dissapointed as I had high hopes for him, however he wanted to leave and despite MM and JM trying to keep him he left. He showed no loyality to Wolves after all they had done for him duning his long injury spell. Please dont blame MM or Wolves – it was Davies who was determined to leave.

    • Nope!
      He didn’t want to move. He wanted to play, Sevlow. And when he didn’t get the chance to play with Wolves he decided to move. How much did they try to keep him? How much did they rate him? I don’t know. But I don’t think much enough.

      Mark Davies is the best player Wolwes has nurtured through the Academy since Robbie Keane. Some close to him and football says that he will be better than Robbie. NOTW says he is worth £5 million now.

      Why didn’t MM let him get a chance on our then not good at all midfield last spring? That is the real reason he left. Not money an that shit some supporters think is the only thing that drives players. He wanted to play but was not allowed. Simple as that. Still think that Wolves did enough?

      • Well, yes I do.Davies was injured, went on loan to Leicester to get fit, played well and then Chris Evans taps him up. MM offers him a new deal as he was going to be a free agent last summer. He turns the deal down and we get £1 million. Davies had a history of trouble at Wolves, he was a bad boy off the pitch. Wolves wanted to get rid of him but MM stuck by him and Wolves backed down. Think we will have to agree to disagree on this one !

      • Yes, we probably have to.

  2. Who cares we’ve got David Jones and Ismael :=)))

  3. Davies was not MM’s type of player, he wont “put a shift in” like others. Before Davies was injured long term he was fit and raring to go MM said he needed to work harder to get in the team (this was in the E&S at the time) then his injury hit again.

    As far as im concerned MM IS to blame for this but its now in the past and we must move on.

    Against spurs we played with more creative players (Jones and Guerdioura) in midfield and funnily enough it worked.

    Lessons are there to be learned, Davies is a lifelong Wolves fan he left because he knew he would not get regular first team football at the club no other reason, why should he be blamed for this??

    • I agree Random Wolf.
      But as you said, let’s move on. It looks as our problems on the inner midfield at least partly are solved and we can look forward to a very exciting end of the season.

  4. Mick bigest blunder was asking him to go back on loan last january when he was ready for 1st team action I still recon bolton poached him ileagaly and should be punished ten points would be nice

  5. random wolf-what a load of cobblers to blame Mick-are you one of these who hate MM! Mark Davies was an idle so and so, he trotted around with an ego, injured for most of his career then when he got fit he stuck two fingers up to the wolves (and fans) and went to bolton – were surprise, surprise he got injured again, good riddance to him and watch him go the way of others – down!

    • Other way round mate, Wolves stuck 2 fingers up at Davies. He did go off the rails a little whilst injured but got his act together. MM & Jez offered him a reduced contract (not improved as the papers would lead you to believe) Mark felt unwanted and chose to leave.

  6. On another note it was well documented how much he was rated at the wolves,the offer of a new contract to a player that hardly featured, would you play a player who was always getting injured, Mick has enough on his plate with THE “fans” with his selections now,and who would you have dropped to put him in!
    I liked Davies and thought he would be a good player for us, but to say he could be another Keano, now that is taking the P.

  7. United are getting a certain other Bolton player at the end of the season (we” he’s acually onloan!)

  8. I also believe that we let him slip through our hands.
    For a crucial period of about 3/4 months he was ready and fit to play but Mick continually overlooked him despite the team crying out for a player of his ability and despite mediochre players being selected instead.

    I feel sure that if he[Mark] had felt more valued and was being given a regular start he would have signed an improved new contract.

    • I am of the same belief, astraltrader. But Mark was ready to play when the club was in a very sensitive and competitive moment of the season. Perhaps we should blame ‘the times’ and coincidence instead of any part for what happened?!

      I can understand that Mick was reluctant to test a ‘new’ player when trying to get out of the Championship. Much was at stake and a success for Davies was not at all certain. But as you I think that Mick made the wrong decision.

  9. […] Sir Alex Ferguson has pinpointed Mark Davies to replace Paul Scholes Rumours has it that Liverpool FC and Manchester United are very interested in former Wolves midfielder Mark Davies. […] […]

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