Doyle: This season is the best I’ve played. Analysis: Is it?

Our prolific first goalscorer and striker Kevin Doyle today says to the Official Wolves site that this is his best season:

This season is the best I’ve played – anyone who’s seen them will know I’m really enjoying my football and I’m playing very well. I usually don’t say that but this season is good. And I really believe my best years are ahead of me.

I’m fitter and stronger at Wolves, we work harder and I look after myself better. I feel generally better all round in how I eat and live, and I’m learning to prepare myself better for matches. I’m more confident to do things – to receive the ball and hold the ball up – everything.

I’m trying to get the balance right because we have to work very hard in the way we play the game at Wolves – you can just as easily be in midfield helping out or helping out up front, trying to get the balance right between doing that and being selfish enough to just hang around in the box. But I’ve learnt what works for me, I’ve learnt how to sleep better, generally look after myself and be more professional in everything I do.

Is he right about that this is his best season? Let’s look at the stats and compare Doylers figures from this season with the previous one’s he has done in the Premier League (a typical daft paddytheflea thing to do. I know.). 😆

As always the availability to stats are limited. I use the stats from Telegraph and unfortunately they do not include the stats from his first season – the 2006/7 season. Anyway. This is what comes through when comparing the 2007/8 season with the current season so far:

Doyle 2009/10
Doyle 2007/8
Fouls won and / conceded / % won 47 /32 / 60% 44 / 34 / 56%
Tackles won and / lost / % won 24 /6 / 80% 38 /9 / 81%
Accurate passes % / Attacks created 66% / 18 60% / 23
Goals / Assists / Shots on goal 6 / 1 / 16 6 / 2 / 18

The first thing win can conclude – just by a quick glance at the figures – is that they are very similar when we compare two seasons ago with today.

But in the stats from 2007/8 he had played 23 matches or 3014 minutes. Doyle has only played in 18 matches ’til now this season or 1759 minutes.

Let’s try to interpret the figures step by step:

Fouls: He wins a little more fouls than he conceives this season counted in percentages. Good! And he has already won more in total numbers than the whole season 2007/8. He is better at winning fouls!

Tackles: Doyle wins about the same amount of tackles in both percentages and numbers as last season. But the trend this season is that he tackles more rarely now than in the beginning of the season. And he wins an even higher percentage when he tackles, but we still have to say that he is equally good as his last season in the Premier at tackles (and that is very good compared with other strikers).

Passes: The figures shows that Doyle is a better passer than he was two seasons ago. I would also conclude from the figures on Telegraph that he has the ball and passes it more often now.

Creating attacks: Doyle has created 18 attacks so far this season. He created 23 the 2007/8 season. But even if he plays 13 more matches he will not reach the 3014 minutes he played in the season 2007/8, so he still has a lot of games to create attacks in. The stats say that Doyle is better at creating attacks than two seasons ago.

Goals, Assists and Shots at goal: He has almost reached the same results in this category already. And there are many matches left. The goal tally is already reached (and I hope and believe their will be many more to come) 😆 and he has just one more assist to make.

I find this category very interesting. Look how similar shots on goal versus goals are.  It’s a rate of three shots to one goal in 2007/8 – 33%. This season so far he has the slightly better percentage of 37.5% resulting in a goal. If we look at the total amount of shots versus shots on goal on Telegraph the figures are 34/16 this season and 60/18 the 2007/8 season. I hope you all are still reading this, cause this is the really interesting finding!

Doyle has a much better precision when it comes to his shots this season. He does not launch at all as many shots as the previous season, but when he does they are goalbund much more often. The stats are 47% on goal for this season and only 30 % two seasons ago. This is the biggest difference between Doyle two seasons ago and Doyle today. His precision and ability to hit goal.

We can conclude that Kevin Doyle is correct! He really is a better footballer and striker now than he was when he played for Reading. Keep up the good work Doyler!



~ by paddytheflea on February 15, 2010.

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