Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan number 9 on Premier League Rich-List

Media is full of a statement by the Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan today about Liverpool – a statement he made just before we met Liverpool on Boxing Day. I wrote an article about it the day after, so I want repeat myself. 😆

But I stumbled upon some other interesting facts in the area. Our revered owner and Chairman is 9th on the list of the richest owners of a Premier League Club.

1 Roman Abramovich Chelsea £7,000m
2 Joe Lewis Tottenham £2,500m
3 Alisher Usmanov Arsenal £1,500m
4 Lord Grantchester Everton £1,200m
5 Mohamed al-Fayed Fulham £650m
6 David Sullivan Birmingham City £450m * Changed owner now. Richer!
7 Peter Coates Stoke City £400m
7 The Walker family Blackburn Rovers £400m
9 Steve Morgan Wolverhampton Wanderers £350m
10 The Warburton family Bolton Wanderers £330m

I hope this means that we will be at least number nine in the tables when this season draws to a close. 😆

The table is constructed from The Sunday Times Rich List of Football. It contains only the British owned clubs.


Chairman Steve Morgan – the Liverpool loss is the Wolves gain


~ by paddytheflea on February 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan number 9 on Premier League Rich-List”

  1. Statistics can be manipulated, and the fact that we are owned by the 9th richest British owner hides the fact that you there are as many foreign owned clubs in the PL now. Liverpool, Man City, Villa Birmingham, (because Sullivan & Gold are now at West Ham) so that pushes us down to 13th… if not further.
    You also have to look at Everton, and how little money they seem to have spent… its all down to buying smart. Cahill 2m, Jagelka 5m, Saha, undisclosed but much less than the 10m united paid for him, Pienaar 2m…

    • I agree that we have an owner who is one of least wealthy in the PL. But it’s not all about that, as you point out. Buying smart is good. But as Mick points out today and I have written an article about just now – clubs like Portsmouth buy up players to over prices without having the money. How can this go on!

      Another thing is that having a wealthy owner does not gurantee that he will give the club funds to buy players. Look at QPR for instance. They have not invested much in the club, and they are very wealthy.

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