Only 4 of the 11 that played Chelsea latest will start on Saturday

It is time to begin to move the mind to the game on Saturday. I’m sure that the players are and we have to do the same as supporters to be prepared to what’s being thrown at us.

And there is something heavy that is coming our way this weekend. The mighty Chelsea. In mine and many others opinion the best team in the world this season so far.

When we met Chelsea away early on in the season Mick McCarthy experimented with a formation totally new to Wolves. He launched a team with a 3-5-2-formation. After the game he claimed the responsibility and said that it was his experiment that lead to Wolves losing the game with four goals to nothing.

But early on in the game we actually had a couple of good chances to take the lead. But the team was hopelessly unbalanced and against such a powerful opposition as Chelsea we actually didn’t stand any chance to win.

If we look at the starting eleven in that game and compare it with the Wolves starters today there’s not many still on. Only four out of the starting eleven then started against Tottenham. Just look at the difference:

————– Hennessey ————–
—- Berra —-Craddock —- Stearman —-
Halford – Edwards – Henry – Castillo – Surman
———- SEB —— Jarvis ———-

———- Hahnemann ———-
– Zubar – Craddock – Berra – Ward –
———— Henry ————-
– Foley – Guedioura – Jones – Jarvis –
———— Doyle ————

Now, that is a big difference in a couple of months. Both in the formation and the choice of players. Would you like to include anybody in the team from the starting eleven then to play on Saturday? The only one I could think of is Dave Edwards, but sadly he is not available. And in my opinion Foley is doing a very good job combining well together with Zubar on the right wing.

When I look at the stats from the Chelsea game I notice that many of the players had a very good passing game. Many more correct passes than Wolves usually get.

I have said many times before that I think that passing the ball well to keep it in the team is very important and crucial for the outcome of a game. And I am very happy about the recent developments in that area. Just look at the foreplay to the goal against Tottenham. Eighteen correct passes!

But how come then that we had a good passing game against Chelsea latest and still lost? Well. Some good teams likes to pass the ball around and take command over a match and some leaves the work with the ball to the opposite side and hits on the break.

Arsenal is a team of the former kind and Chelsea of the latter. They are deadly at deep passes and quick turns of the game with movement by their forwards. That is what we have to be ready for on Saturday. It will not be enough to just pass the ball around. It can be deceitful and make us think that we own the game.

The important thing will be good markings on their key players and to be tough and play in their faces. That must be the first priority. Only when that is secured Wolves could look to go forward and try to score. And by our ‘new’ formation we have actually made a lot of progress in this area. Both defensively – with Henry now helping the back four – and in offense – with Jones as the midfielder filling the spot behind Doyle.

Actually I look at Tottenham as playing about the same kind of football as Chelsea, but at a lower level, of course. And the Tottenham counter attacks from midfield are not working at the moment. But maybe that tells us that there is a way to beat these kind of teams and that Wolves are more comfortable at meeting them than the likes of Arsenal. Let’s hope so!


Will the mighty Chelsea surrender to the ‘New Wolves’ on Saturday?


~ by paddytheflea on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Only 4 of the 11 that played Chelsea latest will start on Saturday”

  1. The “evolution” of our squad – as pointed out in your article – is encouraging and shows that Mick is capable of dropping players who are not up to the job – albeit after persisting with them for perhaps a little too long

    I also think a lot of us have good feelings about Adlene and with only one premiership striker on our books the bulking up of midfield makes perfect sense …

    Come On You Wolves

    • I couldn’t agree more, Ad Mant. But as I write in a more recent article, the come back of Keogh might give us more options. Edwards and Kightly are also very welcome to fight for a spot in the team.

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