Reserves Match: Wolves 0 – Aston Villa 3

The Wolves Reserves were defeated with three goals against nothing against Aston Villa at home last night.

Both Villa and Wolves had strong teams on the pitch. According to the Wolves Official site the Wolves team missed a lot of chances from Milijas, Surman and others. Halford had a couple of long throws that the Villa defence had problems defending from and Wolves pressured Villa.

But a three goal defeat does suggest that this Wolves team had problems defending, which was what I feared in my pre-match article, looking at the line-ups.

I suggest that you read the match report from the Wolves Official site HERE.


~ by paddytheflea on February 17, 2010.

One Response to “Reserves Match: Wolves 0 – Aston Villa 3”

  1. … and trouble scoring it would seem. i think this line up epitomises Wolves problems – capable enough but no end product.

    Thankfully in the “first” team we have inspirational players like Jarvis Marcus and Doyle who are able to turn ‘capable’ perfromances into match winning ones.

    We need to buy more players like that if we are to compete confidently in the premiership.


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