Hahnemann: I’m constantly talking the whole time to the defence

Wolves experienced keeper Marcus Hahnemann is one of the pillars of the ‘new’ Wolves team. He has saved Wolves from defeat many times this season. He has talked to the Official Wolves Site about his goaltending and the Wolves team.

I think we’ve adapted really well – everyone has learned and we’re constantly having discussions and Karl Henry and Christophe Berra are yelling at each other all the time! No one will ever back down and those are the two most argumentative people in the squad, but it’s really funny at the same time.”

He saved a deflected shot against the end of the Tottenham game.

Someone asked me what I do differently when the ball took a deflection near the end of the Spurs game and I managed to stop it and I said I knew it was going to take a little deflection. The ball just came to me and people say ‘I’m glad you’re so calm’ but you’ve just got to be ready for everything.”

“I thought I’d seen pretty much everything there is to see, but at half time Joe Jordan had a go at me for taking too long taking goal kicks and I told him where to go! I told him we’d have a beer after the game and everything would be fine – it was only two or three words!”

But experience does help. I’m constantly talking the whole time to the defence which I think is really key to keeping people on their toes with runners going everywhere. It’s really rare when the opposition have the ball and I’m not yelling at one of our players. I just try to provide players with constant reminders with where their guys are because they can’t be constantly turning around and looking.”

I find this very interesting. Hahnemann is much more the organiser of the back four than Hennessey, and it is no coincidence that the back line are playing much better since he became the first choice keeper at Wolves. From the back he has the perfect view to monitor the Wolves defence and spot the upcoming attacks from the opposition.

That is where the invaluable experience of an older goalkeeper comes to play. At that and his own positioning in goal as well as with the way he goes about with the set pieces he is superiour to Hennessey. If someone can stop Chelsea from scoring on Saturday it is Marcus Hahnemann.



~ by paddytheflea on February 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hahnemann: I’m constantly talking the whole time to the defence”

  1. yeah hahnemann is quality and it would be unbelievable if he could stop chelsea from scoring but some how i think they are gonna score! but i have a good feeling about this game 1-1 is my prediction!

  2. I would certainly take that if it was offered, staffordwolf!

    Let’s hope that they are resting Drogba. He is lethal at the moment.

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