Andy Keogh back to play against Burnley?!

Mick McCarthy had some good news and some bad news to tell the E&S today about the injury situation at Wolves.

As you know we have three first team players that was off to get an assessment from specialists about their recovery and they have now got the verdict. For Dave Edwards and Andrew Keogh it was a positive one. Keogh can start full training next week.

But for the third convalescent – our right winger ace Michael Kightly – there were no positives. He will be out at least for another month, but he could maybe figure in the team in the last games of the season.

Edwards and – in my opinion especially Keogh – would strengthen our team and give it more creativity. Mick McCarthy thinks that they could be back to play very soon.

Edwards got a good report from the specialist and appears very optimistic about when he will be back to full training again. The news on Andy was good. He will be in full training again next week. That’s a long way from saying he will be fit to play again. The Bolton game next week will certainly be too soon for him, but he may well have a chance of figuring at Burnley.


~ by paddytheflea on February 19, 2010.

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