Pompey refused exception from transfer window

Barclay’s Premier League has denied Portsmouth to sell players outside of the transfer window, the Telegraph reports tonight.

That refusal will of course take the club closer to administration or liquidation. The request from the Portsmouth owners shows that they are desperate and that they lack other sources to gain capital to pay their debts.

Their only chance now is to find a new owner – the fifth this year – very quick. If they cannot show a way to get out of their financial troubles in reasonable time by the first of March they run the risk of being liquidated. If not liquidated they run a risk of getting into administration and lose nine points.

Today I see administration as the most possible outcome of this. That will mean a certain relegation from the Premier League for the club.

If they had been allowed to trade I know a player who could have been an interesting signing for Wolves. Their left back – who also can play as left winger – Nadir Belhadj, 27. He is a French born Algerian and a very good friend of Adlène Guédioura.

He has played for Sedan, Olympique Lyonnaise and Lens. Like Adléne he is a very hard working no-nonsense player. But I guess we have to wait until summer. By then he could go for free if Pompey are liquidated. 😆


Edit: Telegraph Sport later revealed that the total debts of Portsmouth exceeds £70 million. Earlier it was said to be £60 million. And that the total tax arrears are £18 million, 50 per cent higher than earlier had been believed. I find it very unlikely that an investor would buy a club with that size of debts and if they find a buyer he would probably have to sell all the players in summer to get his investment back.


~ by paddytheflea on February 19, 2010.

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