West Ham owner Gold prepared to breach League rules to gain four points?!

The Premier League shows its ugly face as a playground for millionaires when the new West Ham and former Birmingham owner David Gold says in an interview to The Sun that he is prepared to loan £10 million to Portsmouth in an effort to clear the club from the danger of liquidation. But he is no philantropist. He will do this so that West Ham will not lose four points if Pompey go bust.

He will do this as a private individual, he stresses in the interview.

I want them to go into administration, but I will be mortified if they go bust. Is it because I’m driven by the four points it would mean to West Ham? Yes. I suggested I would give them the £10m now if the Premier League give me their parachute payment in August, but I’m a businessman and I want paying for that, so I want a premium.”

“I’m not doing this as chairman of West Ham United, this is personal. I’m lending them the money for a return.

However, the rules of the Premier League stipulates that an owner of a Premier League club can not be involved in another clubs business. It is actually the first paragraph in the so called fit and proper persons test:

Disqualifying events: A person shall be disqualified from acting as a director and no club shall be permitted to have any person acting as a director of that club if:

* Either directly or inderectly he is involved in or has any power to determine or influence the management or administration of another (Premier League) club or Football League club.

So is David Gold really fit and proper to be the Director of a Premier League club? Hopefully the rules will prevent him from manipulating the outcome of the ‘Pompey-affair’.

But don’t be too sure. He could very well let someone else act at his and West Hams behalf. I think it is very stupid of Mr Gold to go out in the press with this, anyway. He must have inherited his money.



~ by paddytheflea on February 20, 2010.

One Response to “West Ham owner Gold prepared to breach League rules to gain four points?!”

  1. Quite obviously the man is a fool, or maybe he is just trying to wind everyone up and be controversal just for the sake of it.Lets be honest I don’t think pompey would stay up even if they were given 9 points let alone losing them . Perhaps part of his return if he does actually go through with it would be to insist on a change of name for Portsmouth, how about THE POMPEY PORNOS.

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