Player Ratings: Wolves vs Chelsea

Well. No surprise, really. I mean. What was to expect against the best. And we did blink, We blinked when we shouldn’t have. In the stats we had seven shots on goal and they only two. We should have had at least a draw but they had Didier Drogba in their team. Strong and clinical. He makes the difference.

It was all up for the taking up to the second goal, really. Wolves had the chance to get an equaliser in, but Cech didn’t want to let the ball in and did some supersaves. Disappointing when it went that close. When they got their second they could play on the result and they made no mistake. And then the game was all over. Halford deserves a special mentioning for giving Wolves a little hope with his long throws when coming in from the bench. Terry did a save on the line from one of them.

These are my rating against Chelsea:

Hahnemann – 6 – He was out of the box a couple of times when he shouldn’t have. He didn’t really have that much to do.

Zubar- 6 – Was outplayed before the first goal, but there was not much he could do. Didn’t get forward as much as he uses to.

Craddock – 7 – Smart and hard working as ever. 15 clearances is a very high number.

Berra – 5 – The man to blame for the second goal. Firstly for not fixing an offside, secondly for not stopping Drogba. He was not fast enough, strong enough and smart enough. Mancienne in? Maybe not. After all – we don’t play Drogba every week. Some sloppy passes as well.

Ward – 6 – He had a light start as not so much of play went his way, but when it did he had a hard time. He has had a couple of bad spells lately in my opinion. He can do better.

Foley – 5 – His worst performance so far. Looks a little lost going forward, but less help than normal from Zubar. Should have scored on his chance alone with Cech affter the Terry miss. I long for Keogh or Kights or Edwards.

Henry – 6 – What you see is what you get. The WYSIWYG-man. Back to side and backward passes. But they are accurate. Had a chance at goal but was wrongfooted.

Guédioura – 8 – Hard working all over the pitch and always looking towards a forward pass but sometimes too sloppy in passing. Nailed three out of for tackles this time. Created a chance for his team mates and had three himself. One at goal. Continues to impress and now he can play the full 90 minutes. Will be very important for Wolves in the relegation dogfight. Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match!

Jones – 7 – Combined well with Jarvis and created two attempts. Well watched by the Chelsea defence. Runs all over the pitch and is a good passer

Jarvis- 6 – Had a harder time than usual in getting though at his wing. Their man Ferreira was very good at stopping him. If Kightly had been on they probably would have changed wings, but not much to do now. If only he was better at shooting!

Doyle – 6 – Had a couple of on goal chances, but well marked by the Chelsea defence. Not as much involved as usual.



~ by paddytheflea on February 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Chelsea”

  1. The lads played really well, except for the 2 goals! I watched the 90 mins last night on Sky football first. Hahnemann did not have a single shot to save, only touched the ball when taking it out of the net twice and backpasses etc. Cech was again the Chelsea hero! Guédioura had a very good game and I have big hopes for him. Think your being a bit hard on Foley this week! He had an ok game. When Keogh is fit I would put Foley back into the right back position and leave Zubar out. Ward was dissapointing for me, still think he is not 100% fit. So we do it aqain – play well but loose. We have a lot of away games coming up and Man Utd at home as well. Things should be interesting!

  2. Great performance, special praise for Craddock, Guedioura and Jones. Cameo in first half of Henry brilliantly pivoting round, losing 2 Chelsea players and then, with the whole field to aim at, he hoofs a meaningless ball that went out for a goalkick. Can’t blame him for the miss, as you said he was wrong footed.

  3. Good game. Foley is right back and nothing else. He can not shoot (or head). Edwards in for him, when he is ok. Do not leave out Zubar. He makes mistakes, but is improving all the time. He will play for France (sen lev).

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