Injury Update: Kightly in ongoing aggressive treatment

A little injury update. Wolves still have three players on the injury list from the first team – Andy Keogh, Dave Edwards and Michael Kightly.

The Sunday Mercury today writes that Andy Keogh is in training and Dave Edwards will hopefully follow him next week.

But Michael Kightly still has injury problems. His knees are still a problem and it seem to be the patella tendons that are not fully functional. He has been to see a specialist in Barcelona on several occasions. McCarthy (Sunday Mercury):

He’s been to see a specialist in Barcelona a few times for a quite aggressive treatment, so he’s doing his best to get through it and then get back. He gets an irritation to the patella tendon in his knees so he’s having ongoing treatment and he’ll be out for as long as it takes.

‘‘For me to elaborate any more I probably wouldn’t do it justice, but he has to get shut of that discomfort. We’re not going to rush him back. It’s hard for him because he got back and played three games before twisting his foot against Birmingham. So we’ve said to him ‘take as long as it takes – get yourself back’. Will he be back this season? I’m always optimistic – he might score the winner that keeps us up.

What has happened. There have been rumours that Kights has been overdoing the athletic strength training while injured. Lifting too much and to heavy and damaging his joints, maybe?

I don’t like it! It sounds like he gets the best treatment there is now, though. Apparently the specialist in Barcelona has treated world stars like the tennis star Nadal with good results. Let’s hope Kightly will be back in full flight before the season ends!



~ by paddytheflea on February 23, 2010.

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