With Andy Keogh soon available – In what position should he be played?

As I’ve written about before the Wolves striker Andy Keogh is back in training. After being out for two and a half months training will not be enough to get him fit to play, though. The Express & Star believes that he will play in the Reserves games against Portsmouth and Aldershot coming up on the two following Tuesdays. And Mick McCarthy is pleased that the striker soon will be available to play a role in the team.

It will be a big boost to have him back, particularly with the system we’re using at the moment, because we played with just him up front at Wigan and he did it very well. Andy can play on either side too. He won’t come straight back into full training doing everything, but he will be involved in the sessions. Then he’ll need reserve games to get him up to speed. But he’s just come back from 10 weeks’ out injured, and no matter what you do in training, it can’t replicate what you do in a game.

I do believe that Keogh will be an asset to the team. I’ve touched the subject of where he should play before and I think that Mick overlooks the position that he perhaps would have the greatest impact at. I would like to see him play in the role that David Jones play now and Nenad Milijas did play in before him. As the inner midfielder going forward and playing in ‘the hole’ behind Doyle. Maybe more as a second striker than Milijas and Jones, though.

With his creativity and energy he could mean the world for the amount of chances created for Wolves going forward and his cooperation with Doyle was very good in the beginning of the season – as I have shown earlier by the statistics from those games. I think he would have a greater impact in the middle than on the wing. He was tried on the wing last season, but did not really come up to his potential in that position. And with Guédioura and Henry as stable and hard workers at the inner midfield I think Wolves could afford to play Keogh in a central offensive role in the middle.

Anyway. There are good times ahead and I’m looking forward to the day Keogh is back in the team -regardless of position. Hopefully already in the middle of March. It has earlier been said that he could be back against Burnley at home on the 13th of March. Sweet grapes!


Andy Keogh in the match against Wigan. Back against Burnley?


~ by paddytheflea on February 24, 2010.

11 Responses to “With Andy Keogh soon available – In what position should he be played?”

  1. Now that we just got some creativity into the side we surely don’t want Keogh to take Jones’ place in the team. We need Jones’ passing-skill on the ball, he is the main-reason we suddenly look like a decent team. The way I see it there is an obvious opening for Keogh where Foley is now playing.

    • I agree that Jones is an improvement, but Keogh is a good passer as well and a far more creative player going forward. The stability comes from Guédioura and the fact that we are playing with five men in the middle, not because of one individual.

  2. in an attacking midfielder role, as you suggests, or on the right wing in a Chris Waddle role

    • Yes. I would be pleased if he could play like Chris Waddle on the wing, but I’m not sure about that.

  3. Put him in Foley’s position and put Foley back to right back!

  4. sell him . he s not good enough . another nearly man like micheal branch and countless others we ve had . sorry but its true

    • You’re delusional. He creates more chances than any other player we have, except Jarvis. That is a statistical fact. Keogh was very good in the beginning of the season and if used right he can be a great asset.

  5. i again would prefer to see keogh to drop back into the midfiled role and foley back to right bacn so that we can sort the defence out with people playing in there real postions and not make shift postions!

  6. For the opposition!

  7. Ere Paddy, I have been thinking about this season and where we are and I have to say that its been overall pretty impressive this season. When you consider that basically we have had to compete with the majority of players bought in for the Championship, young players that have no experience at this level. Key positions which you would of put money on being sucessful this term have not been ie blake and kightly (different reasons). The club has set out not to go bust if it doesn’t stay up, unlike portsmouth who have spent beyond thier means. Yet depsite it not all going to plan we are out of the relegation places, improving thru experience and have the easiest run in (thou only marginally). Next year if we stay up will be easier to attract the top players some people feel necessary (johnson etc) I think to be in the thick of it now deserves more credit. How does our current position compare with last time?

  8. Yes. I totally agree, Mike. Many of the players not believed to take the step have done really well. Jarvis is one and I think Keogh is another. And Henry of course.

    I have not got the figures, but we are doing much better than the last time we were up.

    I am very happy that we don’t go down the Portsmouth and Peter Storrie road. I’ve just done some research into that mess and the common denominator for all is their Chief Executive Peter Storrie. If I were a Portsmouth fan (God forbid!) I would be full of anger.

    He is the grim Reaper and the henchman for the owners. His job seem to be to squeeze as much money as possible out of the club and to the owners before it gets bust or falls into administration. He probably will head the next consortium taking over the club as well. I’m glad we have Moxey instead.

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