Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers vs Wolves

Have we hit rock bottom yet? Let’s hope so. An absolute abysmal performance of the Wolves as a team. Second on almost every ball and no tactical change for the second half that could have helped the team to grab a hold of the game.

Who do we blame for this? Mick McCarthy of course. He had the chance to change the way the team played to the second half, but he didn’t. There were some good signs in the first twenty minutes or so, but then we were dead meat.

Why? After playing so well against Tottenham and Chelsea? I believe the players thought we could outplay Bolton by trying to pass and play instead of fighting and be at their backs and in their faces. They had forgot how to fight and be first on the second ball. The way we have to play against the fellow teams fighting against relegation. A worse performance than against Birmingham. Sour grapes. But we will bounce back and other matches went in our advantage.

Manager Mick McCarthy gets a four – he did not prepare the team in the right way to take on a team like Bolton. He is really the first one to blame for Wolves loss tonight. Everything else follows. He gets a red card from Paddytheflea.

Here are the ratings for the players of Wolves against Bolton.

Hahnemann – 8 – He saved us on several times from loosing by four or five goals when Elmander, Kalinic and others were allowed to take their shots for free. Marcus Hahnemann is Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match by far. Nobody else measured up in this match. But he should of course also be very thankful that w met a team that have not scored for over eight hours. With more clinical strikers Wolves would have been two or three behind after the first half and four or five after the match.

Zubar – 4– Combined well with Foley the first twenty minutes, but went missing later on. Made clueless passes back to Hahnemann when he could have passed the ball forwards and went missing when Bolton attacked. Was he buying pies from the stands?

Craddock – 6 – Saved Wolves when everybody else seemed to be out of position. His central defender pal included.

Berra  – 4 – Time for a change! Does not measure up to the standards of the Premier League. Will look good in Scotland, though. At least if measured after the way they played against Wales latest.

Ward – 5 – An average performance from him, which means that he was one of the better players in Wolves of today.

Foley – 6 – Very good in the first thirty minutes of the game. But made mistakes and was to short against the Bolton defence. Missed many passes – as the rest of the team – and had a good shot on the inside of the upright.

Guédioura – 4 – Showed his inexperience in defending on several occasions in this game. Especially before Boltons goal when he failed to take care of their player by the short line. Had a hard time going forward as well. Wolves lost the midfield and the match because of Henry and Guédioura having a bad game and being in the wrong place.

Henry – 4 – Very poor and no example as a captain for his team mates. Lost the ball in possession in critical moments on at least two occasions. His under par performance was one of the main reasons for Wolves performance and defeat. The Bolton players could launch a lot of shots in good position by the border of the area without Henry or Guédioura being there to protect.

Jarvis – 7 – One of the better in Wolves and the best going forward. Could have nicked a goal on a couple of occasions, despite being heavily marked.

Jones – 6 – Fought hard but had a hard marking on him. Did not get the room to play or the passes from behind. The passing overall by Wolves were abysmal. Hoofing. Not the right tactics against Bolton.

Doyle – 6 – Well marked and did not get his chance to play the magics. Or the balls. See above.

Keogh made a surprise substitution but along with Ebanks-Blake he did nothing to change the fortune for Wolves and they both played to short a time to be rated.


(P.S. I’m sorry for being negative and sarcastic, but I’m very disappointed by this under par performance by the Wolves team.D.S.)
(P.P.S. I look at the Official Wolves site and see that they are arguing that Wolves were worth a better result after hitting the post twice. I strongly disagree! D.D.S.)


~ by paddytheflea on February 27, 2010.

9 Responses to “Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers vs Wolves”

  1. A pretty fair summary of a very, very poor game. Surely there wouldn’t have been many neutrals still watching this abysmal dirge beyond half time. Is there no-one in the Wolves team who can drive forward with the ball from midfield and put the opposition on the back foot now that Edwards is out? He wasn’t the best player in the Premiership, but at least it gave our attacks more than one dimension. Passing the ball sideways and backwards like they were a team from Serie C was never going to work against a Bolton team with their backs to the wall. Poor tactics, worse execution.

  2. I totally agree with Dave. Put Jarvis on the right and the new belgium player on the left.

  3. I only had the 60 mins of the game on Sky to watch but it must have been a different game. From what I saw Wolves played well and were desperately unlucky not to get 3 points out of this match. Paddy, what are your ratings based on? Did you go to the game?

    • Perhaps you saw the first 30 and the last 30 Sevlow? And have eyes in the color of old gold? 😆
      No. I did not go to the match. I watched the game twice on TV, though. Big screen.

      Wolves played much better against Chelsea and Tottenham. Our inner midfield and full backs did a bad job.
      We never advanced with pace against Bolton, Our midfielders played the ball sideways or hoofed the ball up, but we were very vulnerable for their attacks. Their winger Lee created six attacks. Ward made him look very good. Elmander had two dangerous shots at goal and Klasnic and Davies had one each. Nobody tried to stop them when they launched them. No markings.
      They had seven shots at goal and we had two. Yes, we had two shots at the uprights, but look at the whole picture, Sevlow. We were not playing well.

  4. Blame it on the tv edit then 🙂

    • Sevlow, you are absolutely right in syaing we played well. I watched the whole game and we did play well.

      A odd moment of madness at the back when we were pushing for ther goal but apart from that not all bad. hahnemann made some good saves but was not our best player, Jarvis and Adlene were.

      Guedioura just edges it, he got tired towards the end and with ful fitness will be great. Jarvis was really exciting and Doyle was good as usual.

      we would be deep in it without karl henry, he is top class.

  5. Thats 3 no shows to the teams Mick is supposedly targeting…. Motivational problem or over training?! Clearly there is something rotten in Denmark when it comes to the preperation for the 6 pointers? Maybe a few key personalities haven’t got the strenght of character for it? Didn’t Pulis say something similar about our captain?

  6. where is Milijas? When the team doesn’t create any chances and we’re missing creativity, wouldn’t it make sense to have Milijas on the bench as an alternative if Jones or Guedioura has bad day.

    • The problem is that Jones and Guedioura are playing well at the moment. I cant see Milijas getting a starting berth, unless one of them are injured.

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