Academy Under-18’s: Wolves vs Bolton

The Official Wolves Site reports that the Wolves Under-18’s were victorious against Bolton at Compton on Saturday.

I guess that’s some comfort after the disappointing loss for the seniors against the same club. But the match started terrible, with a goal for Bolton on a free kick after just a couple of minutes. But Wolves could come back to equal terms with Bolton very soon after that when Gorman placed a crossball from Mendez-Laing in their net.

Just after a quarter of an hour Wolves took the lead by Nathan Rooney. But Bolton equalised quickly after by another free kick. Finally, though, just after the hour Wolves got the decisive goal when Jack Metcalf found James Spray with a through pass.

He did no mistake and lobbed over the Bolton keeper. 3-2 to the team in Old Gold & Black and Wolves are now number four in their series (see my links in the right margin).



~ by paddytheflea on March 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Academy Under-18’s: Wolves vs Bolton”

  1. Hey Paddy, I know you love a stat… Tell me how many goals have we scored this season which haven’t involved a Milijas? I know he spent a few games watching the ball fly over his head but goals win games and its that extra bit of class that makes the difference at this level. Also please could you tell me why the Hoff has never even been given a run in the team?

  2. You’re right, Erick. But a good guess would be that Mick thinks that Milijas does not work back enough and Wolves need all three inner midfielders to do that.

    About The Hoff. My opinion is that he simply is not good enough. But part of the answer is of course that he was injured earlier on when we played with two strikers. And Mick tried to give Ebanks-Blake – the best striker in the Championships last season – a decent chance to get into the team. And now we play with only one striker. Would you swap Doyle for The Hoff??? I would not and I’m fairly shure that Mick is not so keen on that either. 😆

  3. I suppose what I’m getting at is why bring in players such as milijas that will need to adjust and then not play them, particularly when we are not scoring and he could occupy a wider berth even making up 4 accross midfield. I would consider Bullard at hull as a similar player, without him hull are merely championship level and struggle to brake teams down. Hoff I presume had some form of football skill, and with Sylvan not scoring and the injury not serious why wasn’t he given 20mins a game to show what he could do instead of 2. He would offer a different threat at the least. Its hardly an advert for prospective players.. come to wolves and never even get a chance! Even apparently to play football whether reserve or first team.

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